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June 16th, 2012

Dear Friends of Amanda,

In June 2009, we launched The Amanda Project website with 150 “beta girls.”

Over the next four years, we welcomed tens of thousands of girls from around the world who have contributed hundreds of thousands of pages of stories, poems, art, songs, comments, and theories—about Amanda, about themselves, and about life in general.

In the process, The Amanda Project became much more than a fictional hunt for a mysterious missing character. It became a unique experiment in collaborative fiction, a vibrant online magazine, and most importantly, a community of talented writers and artists who supported each other in their creative work.

Each one of you has contributed to making the site the remarkable place that it is; together, you have produced an original work of art that is unlike anything else in the world—either online or off.

For those of us working behind the scenes it has been a great privilege to serve you. We started out leading the project by creating the site; but you quickly took over and led us to places we never would have imagined going.

Monday, we publish the very last story. The final book in the series, Unraveled by Cathleen Bell has just come out bringing the series to an end. Our adventure together will come to a close.

We’ll post instructions if you want to take down your profile and your work. Otherwise it will remain up on the site, so that people can always come to The Amanda Project and see what we did together.

We can’t thank you enough for taking this wild ride with us. 

Warmest wishes,

The Amanda Project Team


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