Amanda’s Story is Now a Book!!!

Amanda’s story—and our website—have gotten so much attention that a big publisher, HarperCollins, has asked us to write about what’s going on!
Invisible I book jacket

It all starts with Callie’s chronicle of what’s happened so far—go get your copy now! Then Hal will take up where Callie left off—in his book Revealed —coming to bookstores next spring (2011), and Nia’s after that...there will be eight books before we’re finished!

We’re all working with professional authors (!!!) to tell our stories—Callie worked with the amazing Melissa Kantor to write her book, Hal is working with Peter Silsbee, and Nia is writing with Laurie Faria Stolarz.

But that’s not even the most exciting part...

Each of the books will include special writing that we choose from the Amanda Project site. In the hardcover of the first book, we were super-excited to include PhysicsNerd’s beautiful "Who Is This Amanda Truly?" And, there will be a NEW piece of writing in the paperback version of Callie's book, hitting stores this January!!!

We need your stories!!! Keep writing and posting, and if something you’ve written helps us tell the story of Amanda, and where she is now, we’ll include your writing in one of our books.  (Of course, we’ll obviously get your permission first.)


Check back often for updates. We’re excited!

—Hal, Callie & Nia




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