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    Posted: 15 December 2009 10:09 PM

    DarcyRaeLoket - 16 November 2009 07:00 PM

    i think her hair is red. she’s pretty mysterious, you can neva tell whether shes lying or not but you just want to trust her, she shows just the right amount of curiousity for you to spill everything to her, whether you really want to or not. and even wen you tell her everything shes pretty secretive about her own problems and identity. and when you told her your problems she wouldnt give advice, shed just listen and it’d make you feel so much better, she wouldnt ask too many questions, just let you ramble on about your life to her.

    i think her hair is blond and she has a look that only looks friendly to the people she wants it to, but dosnt everybody say she changes her look like everyday?

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    Posted: 15 December 2009 10:26 PM

    The Amanda I know and love didn’t even wear wigs, but I guess there is more to her then she lets on.

    Her hair was black, and she had pale skin with no freckles. She had enchanting, intense, bright green eyes, and she was average height.

    She loves vintage. I mean really loves it. All her clothes are vintage, and she has been known to ask old people if they have any clothes from their younger years (namely, my grandmother. She now owns a beautiful blue dress which she customized herself that used to be my grandma’s.)

    Amanda rarely wore makeup, but when she did (for special occasions), it was usually bright red lipstick, or cat-eyed eyeliner.

    These are all the facts about her physical appearance that I picked up from knowing her for about 4 months.

    - A

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    Posted: 29 December 2009 08:05 PM

    Amanda has straight black hair, and pale skin
    She is around 5’6”, and she has ice blue eyes.
    Amanda loves anything vintage. When I knew her, thats all she would ever wear. She has an enchanting personality, and is very mysterious…you never know what she is going to do next.

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    Posted: 29 December 2009 11:06 PM

    For those of you who did not see my posts a few weeks ago about what i thought Amanda looked like…. I think she looks a little like allison iraheta… but not AS pretty, she wasnt a natural beauty.. she didnt wear a lot of makeup tho.
    A little taller tho. She also had emerald green eyes.
    (second picture is NOT mine… no copyright infringment intended)
    this is kinda what her style was.

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    allison iraheta Friday ill be over you single release cover.jpg glamrck style one.jpg

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    Posted: 02 January 2010 06:55 PM

    She isn’t necessarily invasive, more of a sort of magnet, everyone is drawn to her whether they like it or not, some try to fight like South against South, others really do cling to her, still others have this feeling of safe and belonging but they don’t know why, they can’t put their finger on it. As for her hair no one really knows it could be fuchsia for all the naked eye can see, it’s the person who makes the look, her style is just a disguise to make you look twice and want to know more about her. If you think she is a redhead then she is for you and no one else can tell you otherwise.

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    Posted: 02 January 2010 07:00 PM

    overthemoon and AliCat are so right they are really most sincerely on the right track

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    Posted: 02 January 2010 10:50 PM

    She is wise and kind, doesn’t let people get in her way. From what I saw she is more than different she is unique. Her style is mostly vintage. She loves vintage so much, though I never saw her in the same outfit that she wore a week ago… ever. While she keeps things to herself she gives a lot out too, even though they are mostly lies. Her hair is dark brunette and she never wore a wig while with me that I know of. She had hazel eyes that were so sparkly that they almost made you blind. She was regular height: 5’5. Another thing she kept secret was her name. I thought it was Ruby until I came upon this site.

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    Posted: 03 January 2010 11:26 PM

    amanda has a short dark brown almost black bob she has a round but thin face she’s different she wears stuff other people would never ever think could work but she makes them she is also one of the nicest people u’ll meet if u give her a chance

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    Posted: 09 January 2010 06:04 AM

    It seems that we will never get appearance down, she changed it so much and looked so different to everyone.

    But what about who she is? She’s mysterious, and never talked about herself. But what are your theories?

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    Posted: 09 January 2010 07:38 PM

    “Who? Who is but the form following the function of what”
    And what Amanda is, is a girl wearing multiple styles of clothes.
    I’m merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked girl who she is.

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