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    Posted: 15 July 2011 02:58 PM

    Again, I’m not sure if there’s already been a thread on this, but I tried searching for about four pages until I found I kept getting distracted with all the other threads to read :P

    Whoa, long sentence O_O :P

    Anywho, I figured that on this thread, people can post questions and help they might have when writing a story. Like, what to do when you have Writer’s Block, title help, writing tips, etc.,

    Anyway, I guess I’ll start with the first question :) Do you think it’s better to write from first person or third person?

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    Posted: 15 July 2011 03:57 PM

    I think it is easier to write from first, but I like third even Zoe rarely uses it :D

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    Posted: 15 July 2011 04:46 PM

    At first, I thought first person was easier to write in. Then I Googled that question just to be sure, and third person is easier to write well in. At least, that’s what the writer said. I’ll even copy-and-paste what the person said here. :)

    It is easier to write in third person…or more so, it is easier to write WELL in third person. People think first person is easier, but really it is harder to keep important information from the reader until the end of the story without the reader feeling cheated.
    the bad thing about first person is that people tend to “tell” too much in first person. like how your character is feeling and people tend to reveal more to the reader than the POV character actually knows. and it can go on and on for paragraphs and pages of narrative- the character’s live and history. blah blah blah…
    and then, readers are reading from one POV so they read about that character’s opinions, especially about other characters, so I would be careful not to tell readers the quality traits of your characters through your POV character and let your reader develop their own judgements of your characters… I hope that made sense. LOL
    so I think it would be harder to write well in first person. so if you are just starting out with writing, third person would be best.

  4. Response number 3

    Posted: 17 July 2011 12:24 AM

    Nice, AllyT xD.

    I personally prefer first person, ‘cuz yew only know ash much ash your narrator dush. What’s better, mehthinks, would depend on how yew wanna write. If yew were to have many sides, and want to show thoughts from all charries, but also keep certain info hidden, then third-person, in mah opinion, would be better, but first-person ish better if yew just want that one person’s thoughts to be revealed, and more or less everything they know…..

    Huge sentence right there….. hopefully not a run-on…... D:

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    Posted: 17 July 2011 12:19 PM

    Yeah, same here, Zoe :)

    Thanks for the detailed response, Ally ^_^ Did you look all that up just to answer this question? O_O *is deeply flattered*

    Dee: Lol, I didn’t think that was a run-on :P Hmm…that’s a very good point. Like you said, i guess it all depends whether or not you want to show the story from different sides or not. Of course, you could always do POVs… for some reason, POV stories bug me though, because I always find myself falling in love with one of the characters and totally hating the other :P

    I’ve seen this done in maybe one or two books already…this may be a new thing, but what’s your opinion of first person as the general POV, but then the author switching to third person to demonstare the POV of another character? I’ve seen this done in the Nick Chronicles…

    do you guys get what I mean? sorry, I have trouble explaining things sometimes :P

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    Posted: 17 July 2011 12:25 PM

    chiaki - 17 July 2011 12:19 PM

    Thanks for the detailed response, Ally ^_^ Did you look all that up just to answer this question? O_O *is deeply flattered*

    Yes. I looked up that really detailed response. Cause I’d heard somewhere that 3rd person was easier… Though, I think most TAP members use 1st person.

  7. Response number 6

    Posted: 17 July 2011 12:59 PM

    By that, Chi, dush yew mean third persons that show only one charrie’s perspective at a time?

  8. Response number 7

    Posted: 17 July 2011 01:44 PM

    @ally: Yeah. I think so, too :P which do you normally use?

    @Dee: I meant like, for example:

    <first person, blah blah blah>


    <third person talking about stuff from the antagonist’s perspective>


    <back to first>

    is that what you meant?

  9. Response number 8

    Posted: 17 July 2011 01:48 PM

    @Chi—I’ve used first person. There should be a story written in 3rd person on TAP.

  10. Response number 9

    Posted: 17 July 2011 01:59 PM

    Yes O_O there should be…
    i would write it, but I reek at third person POVs :( I nominate you to! :P

  11. Response number 10

    Posted: 17 July 2011 02:07 PM

    @Chi - Ah, nu, I wush talking ‘bout something different xD.

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