A re-introdiction.

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    Posted: 12 February 2012 08:59 PM

    A lot of people I knew when I first joined TAP have not been on for quite a while, and seeing as there are a lot of people I don’t know now on TAP, I figured a re- introduction is in order.

    Hem, hem.

    My name is Zoe Elise Dore (For the purposes of this site) I go to Endevour Middle and High school. I am in grade 8 (almost 9) and even though she was older than me, Amanda was my friend.
    (Everything I say next is from Zoe’s POV, not mine, cause I don’t actually have a horse)

    I am an avid horse back rider and have several horses, my favorite being Missa. I compete for Orion Stables. I have several little siblings (although I lost my original post, so I can’t tell you their names, but one is called Emory). Anyway one day I had an ever so important horseback competition, but my little brother got sick, like really sick, and was taken to the ER, I think he swallowed a Lego or something and had to have surgery. My mom told me not to back out of the competition so I went. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone there, because the school was putting on some kind of dance all my friends were at, so when I looked into the stands and saw this weirdly dressed girl, I had never met before holding up a sign that read GO ZOE ELISE! I was shocked ( although pleased). I didn’t even know her.

    No prizes for guessing who she was.

    I won that competition. After I competed she had left an so I never got to thank her. She disappeared two days later.

    That is my Amanda Story.

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