Who is this Amanda truly?

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    Posted: 01 April 2009 12:17 AM

    From the moment Amanda walked in my math class I knew she was no normal girl. From what I can tell she seems different to everyone. Her unusual fashion choices were the first alarmingly obvious clues that she certainly was, so to say, out of this world. She was given a seat diagonally in front of me, and, well, due to my rather shy nature I never truly spoke with her, but I observed her. Call me creepy, but I like to study people, guess it’s my fascination with psychology. She seemed a rather secretive sort. One who kept a lot to herself, but she is far from shy. She spoke to all and any who was willing to speak back.

    From what I observed, she is intelligent, always getting the answers right in class, she is secretive, from her shady background and her suspicious reasons for coming here, she is clearly hiding something, and last I found her to be strangely enchanting. Most everyone around her seems to be drawn to her. I have yet to find someone to dislike her while knowing her. Though, perhaps this is because we truly don’t know her. With so much of herself hidden, who is this Amanda?

    When Amanda went missing, I wasn’t too surprised considering from the beginning this girl gave a vibe that screamed trouble. She is just too unusual for there not to be a mystery revolving around her.

    So please, tell us all, what have you seen of Amanda? What have you spoken with her about? And most curious of all, who is she? Do you know the answer, for I fear I fall far from the answer.

    Yours truly, Stacy <3

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    Posted: 01 April 2009 06:30 PM

    Well, I had English with Amanda.  There was an empty seat behind me because Melody Schorn switched out of the class, and so when Amanda showed, she took the seat.  She sure knew her books, let me tell you.  The class was a joke, and so whenever she wasn’t scribbling in one of those notebooks of hers, we talked about stuff we’d read.  And she had read every book I had read or wanted to read.  She knew Jack Kerouac as well as Charles Dickens as well as Machiavelli. 

    It’s weird, though.  As much as I did talk to Amanda, I didn’t really know anything about her.  I mean, you can tell a lot about a person from what they like to read, but, as far as I could tell, she liked to read everything.

    She sure was eclectic.


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    Posted: 02 April 2009 12:17 AM

    Amanda was in my AP Gov class. We both sat in the very back of the room. My reason was because i was shy hers well i have just know idea. I thought she would be in a higher level Social Studies class because she just seems to know everything. thats the thing im wondering though where did she learn it all. she talked more of life as a whole than her self in general. but i never questioned her because i was just supprised someone like her would talk to me at all.

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    Posted: 02 April 2009 02:25 AM

    Amanda and I were both TAs for the library. She was always looking up stuff Tarot and astronomy! It was so weird! We had the same name and she would call me her “Twin of Fate” or whatever. I’m here thinking, that girl is not normal AT ALL. Then she goes missing?! There is something wrong in that girls head. I just hope she gets all the help she needs. Plus she was always etching weird things into the library tables. One time, I found her under a table with a flashlight in her mouth and a Swiss army knife etching in “You are your own destiny. You make it up as you go along.” I saw that and I’m wondering what goes on in her head?! Next time I see her she puts her finger to her mouth and says “Shh. Don’t tell anyone.” then winks at me and runs off. The next day I hear that she disappeared!

    This is all way to weird for me.


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    Posted: 02 April 2009 04:01 AM

    As the Amanda above states, both girls worked in the library.  I am the school library media specialist (another name for school librarian), and Amanda really impressed me with her curiosity and inquisitiveness about a variety of subjects.  I would often find her looking at books when she should have been working.  She always seemed to be bursting with creative energy.  I felt like she knew more than I did, not necessarily book things (although she was unbelievably gifted in that area), but more like an incredible knowledge for what life is.  It was quite humbling to me, to feel like a child next to this teenager. 

    And Manda, you should have told me Amanda was defacing school property.  Though her words are certainly profound in a mysterious sort of way, damaging the furniture in the library is an offense punishable by detention.  Now, I don’t like to give detentions to anyone, especially someone like this girl, but rules are rules.

    Of course, now that she has disappeared, it is all a moot point.  It is very disturbing when something like this happens to any student, but someone I have worked with so closely?  I am so worried about her; I hope she is found to be safe and sound soon.

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    Posted: 02 April 2009 01:16 PM

    You guys are amazing—thanks for all the observations and insights. I met Amanda in a library—an obsession with books is what we have in common. But her knowledge is not hemmed by books or google or wikipedia or any one way to gather info, she sends tentacles out into the world with her mind somehow—I am a logical person, bound by the laws of common sense.  But Amanda breaks them all.  And even you guys who did not know her well are so perceptive to see that!!  We are so grateful for all your impressions because if we can put together a clear picture of all her time here at Endeavor, we will see what she was doing and what was happening, and where she might be now.  This is working even better than Hal and Callie and I had hoped when we set it up!

    Oh, and sorry, Ms. Wisp, that she defaced school property. We don’t advocate that, OF COURSE, but she has this tendency to express herself and if the mood strikes her, it strikes her.  No real harm done, right?

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    Posted: 02 April 2009 02:58 PM

    We sat together in math class. We were both in the higher level of math, and the teacher put us together, cos we had the same name (Mandy=Amanda). I remember she was really good at math. One of the problems that took me 5 minutes to work out on paper, she could work out in her head in 2!!
    I think the last time I saw her in math was about 4 days before she disappeared. She was sitting at the table, and she had 4 or 5 sheets of paper in front of her, with extensive bits of long division, and long multiplication, and loaaads of other things that seemed wwaaaaaay hard, even for me.

    anywayz, hope this helps
    Mandy ♥♥♥

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    Posted: 03 April 2009 03:31 AM

    Hey Ms. Wisp. Sorry I never told you about the things Amanda did. I just never really thought that it was relevant considering that she goes missing the next day. I’m sorry. I am willing to take her detention for her..

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    Posted: 04 April 2009 03:14 PM

    Amanda was a freak, or that’s how I always thought of her.  Clearly I never took and attempts at getting to know her as she could never have fit in with my group of friends.  She went to a school dance, soon after she had arrived.  While all the other girls were flirting with all the guys, Amanda sat in the corner, reading a book on Wicca and offering tarot card readings to anyone that passed.  Only one boy, Christopher, who was also a freak, agreed.  I have no idea what she told him, but he left the dance right after without saying a word to anyone. 

    Another time, she came into the auditorium while we were rehearsing for Romeo and Juliet.  Right when Sam and I had to kiss, she came barging onto the stage, knocked us apart and went out the backstage exit.  Something in that play must have scared her, or she didn’t want us to kiss or something.  I have no idea.  At the time I thought she was just jealous because I have Sam, but know that she’s gone, who knows?  That was two days before she disappeared.

    Does anyone know anything about her family or if she ever had a boyfriend that would make her act like that?

    Sabrina Queen.

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    Posted: 04 April 2009 03:28 PM

    I only had one class with Amanda (which wasn’t even much of a class): study hall. But it never seemed like she needed to work on anything.

    I talked to her once, maybe twice.

    The only time I remember was when I dropped my pencil by her feet and she picked it up for me, saying, “Here you go.”

    “Thanks,” I replied.

    I remember when Amanda cried.

    We didn’t have gym together, but there she was in the girl’s locker room when no one else was around and I had come back to retrieve my shorts.

    She was against the lockers in the back row (where my locker is located) where no one would find her.

    I tried to pretend I didn’t notice, but she was whimpering words that sounded familiar to me.

    “Judy” “courage” “love”

    I didn’t know what to make of it.

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    Posted: 10 April 2009 10:57 PM

    Amanda was in my biology class and i have lunch with her. I remember the first day of school, she came to school dressed in a black skirt with hot pink leggings with a purple shirt and a black jacket. She also had on a hot pink headband. Her black skirt and jacket had little vintagey designs sewn on. I thought it to be odd but very artsy. She also hung out with Mrs.LeBlanc… the art teacher. Amanda probably wanted to be in the art class but sinch she came later in the year she didn’t get to choose her classes herself. I have Mrs. LeBlanc the same period that Amanda has either library or studyhall and she is always in my class working on projects.

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