The (Ex?) Boyfriend.

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    Posted: 21 November 2009 03:19 PM

    Could Amanda have a boyfriend? She doesn’t seem like one to be tied down. And why would Amanda make known she was going to have a date or anything? She never let anyone know she had other friends or a boyfriend unless she needed them together.

    This mystery boy might have all these dates to see Amanda when they are merely places she sends him but never shows up. Like how Callie, Nia, and Hal all thought she was going to be on the hill that night.

    He might plan on seeing her but only find another clue or note, hence why he is missing her.

  2. Response number 12

    Posted: 21 December 2009 10:47 PM

    THAT. WAS. NOT. HER. BOYFRIEND. that, was my boyrfriend. UNTIL HE AND HIS STUPID MISSSING SISTER DISAPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE FREAKING EARTH! AND DO WE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE? NO! anyway, his name is Casimir. he really had tye-dyed hair, Amanda got mad when he wore it regularly, without the tousled black wig. he got mad at her for that and it was usually a blow out. most of the time, he lost. once, he caught fire to the wig. it was funny. not now, though. now, it’s just another memory. jUst like Casimir…. damn it this SUCKS MORE THAN AMANDA! anyway, he said she disapeared sometimes and at first he got scared, then he was jsut okay with it. i guess he got scared again. or its not Casimir, but i’m almost positive it is.

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    Posted: 31 December 2009 05:54 AM

    well whatever his relation to her. or any of the people close to her in general, she probably wanted to protect them from whatever was going on with her. dont forget she doesn’t do things without reason

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    Posted: 31 December 2009 11:38 AM

    do you think there could be a clue related to this? If you think about it, CecileReeve said his bro went out with her a little before she left and Paperdoll decribed a totally different person who also liked Amanda but ovisously had a stronger relationship with Amanda if he had a few dinner dates, study dates and movie dates. He oviously doesn’t go to Evdeavor high school because otherwise he would of told Nia, Hal and Callie about it after they started this website. Or would he?

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    Posted: 31 December 2009 03:19 PM

    I dated Amanda for about 6 months before she moved to Orion. She went by Mandy there back in Kansas. She didn’t show her ever changing personality in public, she wasn’t popular, wasn’t hated, didn’t stand out ,but somehow she caused me to fall so desperately in love with her that every word that fell from her mouth hypnotized me, every touch melted me. She wasn’t one of those clingy, always with you girlfriends, but if i had a problem I could go to her with it and if I wanted to see her she would be there. She showed what I thought was her true self to me and me alone. Until the day she told me she never loved me, couldn’t love me, couldn’t hurt me, had to hurt me, and left.  I still love her, I’ll love her until I die, and I’ll never let her go no matter how far she may run.

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    Posted: 01 January 2010 04:16 AM

    catrinhenabbs - 31 December 2009 11:38 AM

    CecileReeve said his bro went out with her a little before she left and

    HER brother. I am a girl. :)

    Hmm… I was thinking, I have a hunch that whatever Amanda’s up to, it’s for siblings. Could this maybe have been a brother who was searching for her? She seemed pretty flighty, so maybe he’s following her, trying to find her, following the same clues we are?

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    Posted: 01 January 2010 08:22 PM

    Is hal in love with amanda or cause im confused cause it seems like he likes nia 2

  8. Response number 18

    Posted: 02 January 2010 02:19 AM

    mojoproject - 01 January 2010 08:22 PM

    Is hal in love with amanda or cause im confused cause it seems like he likes nia 2

    Well, Hal is just like this musculed, mysterious man and the other guys who have posted on this thread. They have all fallen for Amanda. But once they find out who she really is, will they still love her? Not saying Amanda is a fraud or anything, but it’s a possibility.

    By the way, I don’t think Hal likes Nia that way. It’s possible he likes Callie though. She’s “intrigued” by him according to Amanda.

  9. Response number 19

    Posted: 17 January 2010 02:23 PM

    sorry, CecileReeve. i don’t no why i typed HIS instead of HER. anyway, i don’t think hal likes nia - not as in like like. i mean, hal and nia didn’t have many friends before amanda dissappeared so i suppose it was easier 4 them 2 get away from their friends and it was probably much more
    interesting to discuss the ‘disappearence’
    then whatever they used to do. (not that i thought callie’s group of friends talked about gr8 stuff - i found them all so snobby, really!) callie had it harder but i think hal might of liked her a bit since he was always soo happy 2 c her whenever she talked 2 them. or do u fink he was just being polite since nia was always so moody?
    also, do u fink amanda had siblings - maybe a twin sis’ ???
    p.s. all u boys falling 4 amanda is so lame!

  10. Response number 20

    Posted: 19 January 2010 01:32 AM

    I think maybe Amanda didn’t want boyfriends because she didn’t want to grow to attached since she travels and moves around alot.
    Could be a current boyfriend or maybe it’s another Amanda??

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