Inducted into The Amanda Project: 04.10.2010

About me

I can't imagine life without:
Poptarts ^=^
I am completely indifferent to:
right handed people(p.s.-i’m left handed!)
I sometimes pretend to:
Be a Guinea Pig          ♥ >Bet yew didnt see that coming!< **Sqeeeek Sqeeek**
The best breakfast is:
Strawberry Poptarts with some Strawberry Poptarts sprinkled on top with a big glass of Strawberry Poptarts…oh! and dont forget some Strawberry Poptarts on da sidee
My favorite Tuesday outfit:
Stripes, stripes and more stripes! >Stripes are so in girlfriend!<
Song stuck in my head:
Young Blood♥ Naked and Famous
Who are you Haiku:
Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense

The Truth

Do you fall in love easily?
idunno, do i? >.<
Do you believe in revenge?
Would you do something if you couldn't tell anyone?
Psh i am soo good with secrets…sorta ._.
Do you find the need to clean your room before you do your homework?
My room doesnt like to be cleaned…it gets mad at me when i try to clean it o.o
Is Amanda telling the truth?
A secret is only a secret if no one knows.
The end justifies the means.
Stealing is always wrong.
Pink goes with everything.
Friendship is forever.
Amanda is still in Orion.
I know why Amanda came here.


Best Book Quote:
“Life isn’t a book.Happy endings aren’t always guaranteed.” -Hunted: A house of night novel                     by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Book that changed my life:
Ok For Now By Gary D. Schmidt
Best book I pretended to read, but didn't:
uhh..I forgot… ^=^
Wisest kids’ book:
Green Eggs and Ham
Most thrilling read:
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
If Amanda were a character in a book, she'd be:


Best song to dance to after a crappy day:
First Dance<3 NSN
Song I love but would never tell anyone for fear of utter humiliation:
Bird is the word-Family Guy o:
Most overrated song:
Super Bass-Nikki Minaj {actually its sorta catchy..}
Best song to listen to right before you fall asleep:
Im not calling you a liar> Florence and the Machine
If Amanda had a theme song, it would be:
She’s Got Style by NSN

Screens of all sorts

Best line:
Bella:“You don’t even say hi to me.” Edward:“Hi.”          -Twilight
Best pajama and ice cream viewing:
Little Miss Sunshine!! :D (for a tv show i absoulutly hav to say any of the housewive shows on bravo! i love those series!!)

My thoughts on Amanda

Amanda is…
She’s also…
original, brilliant, hypnotic, my adventure

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  4. u kinda got the hair right! hes got a nice bouffant u know!! :)

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  1. it looks like elvis

  2. beastly by alex flinn, the immortals series by alyson noel, hush hush by becca fitzpatrick, old …

  3. i can't relate, sorry ;) i'm drug in too deep to the vampire novels... but try …

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  2. i barely started reading the hunger games Dx but so far I'm team peeta :D …

  3. My favorite book wasn't up there. Harry Potter and Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Miss …

  4. ^ Your banned cuz I wanted to see that movie Dx

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