Inducted into The Amanda Project: 01.09.2011

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  1. I swear I'll write the zombie story once I get my new laptop! D:

  2. This sucks! Why should you have to type your goodbyes to every person? It's not fair, silent is totally right>< I'm so glad I met you here Michelley. Even though you're such a turd you've always been there for me, and never called me out when I'm being an annoying cow.

  3. Panic at the disco are a brilliant band xD That's awesome! :D Illtry and read it at some point xD She disappeared DX

  4. It does look familiar....Did you draw one of your first peeping eyes? :D Actually that drawing doesn't look bad to me :D I'm absolutely useless at drawing human faces so I would know that that is actually very good :D

  5. Aha, MissP I swear that if I have time in my (Extremely busy) holidays I shall write more of this xD But I'm not gonna drag it on. *Is squished* I LOVE THAT ONE TOO :D But my favourite one is _Can't take the kid from the fight? Take the fight from the kid_ _Just sit back, relax, sit back, relapse again_ And _When I say shotgun you say wedding_ _*Shotgun wedding shotgun wedding*_ I'm kinda sad he married Sarah too xD And yes, you are exactly right, that IS the name, I just thought I write sins not tragedies was a more appropriate title :D *Squished again* I missed you too! Sorry I haven't been as active, I really will try to get on more D: THANKYOU D: Have fun on holiday! And congratulations! Next month I'll have been on for a year as well. Isn't it mind blowing to think about?! :D

  6. Don't ask where this came from, it all just poured out of my skull, so feel free to criticise...

  7. Heyyy look! It's Luffy's wanted poster! :D Methinks the picture needs to be updated to a badasser, newer Luffy though :D

  8. Okay...I won't leave. I'm really surprised this got such a reaction to be honest. I didn't think anybody would care...

  9. So here it is. Sorry it took so long Michelley -.- My last picture on TAP. SO yesh.

  10. *Proudface* I did it allll by myself! :D PFF of course! XD I've been meaning to do that for a while. I'll get right on it. Soon.

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