Inducted into The Amanda Project: 11.24.2010

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  1. JULIIIIIIIEEET! HIIIIII! Haven't talked to you for so lonnnng! *glomps*.

  2. Hey Hey too! :D Aww i missed you and jsut got connected again too, I keep being drived away from TAP with some stupid life problem and yeah I missed my soul sister! so whats new, hows life? xx

  3. hey juliet i have a new zine entry posted would u please help me spred the word?

  4. jewel u always come up with the best ideas for stories and judging by the way u said it im guessing uve seen this and what girl hasnt its perfect=) i LOOOOVVVVEEE IIIIT!!!!<3

  5. Why wouldn't everything be the same with us?! :O Do you think its not the same? :O YOUR MY SOUL-FRIGGIN-SISTER!!!!!!!!! luv ya and i missed ya and only jsut came back on soooo HOWS LIFE THESE DAYS? xx

  6. The 31st chapter of ANSCS is up! Hope you read it!

  7. I just posted Chapter 5 of Songbird. Please comment when you get the chance!

  8. Hi! Chances part 17 is out. Your charrie isn't in yet but should be in part 18 :) enjoy!

  9. Hi Juliet. I just posted Chapter 4 of The Songbird. (I finally found a name for my story, yay!) I hope you enjoy!

  10. Hey Juliet. I don't know when you're going to read this since I know you're at theater camp but I just wanted to let you know that Chapter 3 of my story is up. I hope you read it when you can. :)

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