Inducted into The Amanda Project: 11.24.2010

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  1. hhheeey Mary Dee wazzupp!

  2. Not much. I am working diligently on my audition monologue for the high school of the arts...I am trying to write more...erm...not much. I can be boring

  3. Hey Blushie. I miss everyone a lot, and I have not disconnected myself fully. I wanted to say hey hey. Soul sister

  4. I know I havent been on for a while but hey. I hope everything is the same between us

  5. hi girls. did someone change their name to Jester?

  6. guys. Is everything alright. I am not gone

  7. way too cool for me. Once again great job, I still loovve Andrew

  8. yeah, I do too

  9. I read chapter 30 already but thx anyway

  10. yeess!!! please do! I read chapter 2 already though

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