Inducted into The Amanda Project: 03.12.2009

About me

I can't imagine life without:
I am completely indifferent to:
Anything not within the visible-light spectrum or between about 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz
I sometimes pretend to:
Be interested in being a lawyer
The best breakfast is:
One you eat after 12PM
My favorite Tuesday outfit:
Not pink, because it’s not Wednesday. Or jeans, because it’s not Friday. Maybe a tank top, but only if I didn’t wear one on Monday.
Song stuck in my head:
Anything, especially if I can only remember 7 words of the lyrics or less
Who are you Haiku:
Those who live in glass
houses should not throw stones, or
walk around naked.

The Truth

Do you fall in love easily?
Yes - one good wink and baby, I’m yours.
Do you believe in revenge?
No - I’d rather take a nap.
Would you do something if you couldn't tell anyone?
It depends! I wouldn’t go exploring down an abandoned mine shaft alone without telling someone.
Should you really keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
No - who would want to sit in their enemy’s lap? Unless you’re all about the UST, I guess.
Do you find the need to clean your room before you do your homework?
On the rare occasions I do my homework, yes. Usually around 4 in the morning.
Is Amanda telling the truth?
A secret is only a secret if no one knows.
The end justifies the means.
Stealing is always wrong.
Pink goes with everything.
Friendship is forever.
Amanda is still in Orion.
I know why Amanda came here.


Best Book Quote:
“J’y gagne, dit le renard, à cause de la couleur du blé.” -Le Petite Prince
Book that changed my life:
The Chosen
Best book I pretended to read, but didn't:
The Return of the King. I know, I’m a heathen. I just couldn’t get through it.
Wisest kids’ book:
Love You Forever by Robert N. Munsch and Sheila McGraw
Most thrilling read:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Ok, relax, I’m totally kidding.
If Amanda were a character in a book, she'd be:


Song lyric:
I remember we were driving, driving in your car Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us, And your arm felt nice wrapped ‘round my shoulder. And I had a feeling that I belonged. And I had a feeling I could be someone. -Fast Car, Tracy Chapman
Best song to dance to after a crappy day:
Lookin’ For a Good Time - Lady Antebellum
Song I love but would never tell anyone for fear of utter humiliation:
It’s a whole genre, really. I love country music. But I keep it on the DL. Not too many fellow fans in the northeast.
Most overrated song:
I’m Yours - Jason Mraz
Best song to listen to right before you fall asleep:
Lullaby - Dixie Chicks
If Amanda had a theme song, it would be:
Dangerous - Roxette

Screens of all sorts

Best line:
“Jack, I swear…” Ennis Del Mar, Brokeback Mountain
Best first date movie:
The Notebook
Best pajama and ice cream viewing:
Lord of the Rings,1-3, extended versions. Hmm. That would be a lot of ice-cream.
Film I wish I could inhabit:
Harry Potter, obviously.
Most amazing on-screen wardrobe:
Memoirs of a Geisha
If a biopic were made about Amanda she'd be played by:
Jessica Alba

My thoughts on Amanda

Amanda is…
a tease
She’s also…
original, brilliant, a seer, an artist, gifted, beautiful, wild, crazy, gorgeous, a chameleon, hypnotic, bewitching, intense, totally hiding something, from another realm, my adventure, a liar
Her own best work of fiction:
Telling Harold and his wife that “Callie” was helping them with their errands.

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