Inducted into The Amanda Project: 12.31.2009

About me

I can't imagine life without:
dance, family, & friends ♥
I am completely indifferent to:
applause because I am confident of success
I sometimes pretend to:
be in a jungle… when I’m really just roaming around a nearby forest.
The best breakfast is:
scrambled eggs with rice! and milk of course
My favorite Tuesday outfit:
the cute, comfy sweatshirt from XXI and jeans with converse sneakers to go with a headband (◕‿◕✿)
Song stuck in my head:
Whatever They Say - DBSK (Always Keep the Faith, Cassies~)
Who are you Haiku:
Mentality of
Let’s make this last forever

The Truth

Do you fall in love easily?
Only a few boys have managed to make my heart race
Do you believe in revenge?
Hahaha… I TRY not to avenge myself/others.
Would you do something if you couldn't tell anyone?
Depends if it’s life or death.
Should you really keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
Uh, I’d rather just not make any enemies.
Do you find the need to clean your room before you do your homework?
Whoa, no.
Is Amanda telling the truth?
A secret is only a secret if no one knows.
The end justifies the means.
Stealing is always wrong.
Pink goes with everything.
Friendship is forever.
Amanda is still in Orion.
I know why Amanda came here.


Best Book Quote:
“After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” -Albus Dumbledore
Book that changed my life:
The Five People You Meet in Heaven <—- Good read, but it hasn’t honestly changed my life inside out
Best book I pretended to read, but didn't:
Life of Pi <—- Haha oh jeez I have yet to read it… but I hear it’s awesome
Wisest kids’ book:
The Giving Tree? Yeaaah… I read like The Redwall series when I was a kid :)
Most thrilling read:
The Midnighters, I guess. I read too many books to remember them whoops.
If Amanda were a character in a book, she'd be:
the fairy godmother XD


Song lyric:
Who made up all the rules/ We follow them like fools/ Believe them to be true/ Don’t care to think them through/ And I’m sorry so sorry/ I’m sorry it’s like this/ I’m sorry so sorry/ I’m sorry we do this
Best song to dance to after a crappy day:
Dancing in the Moonlight <—- dance to it in the moonlight, you’ll see!
Song I love but would never tell anyone for fear of utter humiliation:
Most overrated song:
Crank Dat Soulja Boy… I mean, for real people?!
Best song to listen to right before you fall asleep:
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
If Amanda had a theme song, it would be:
The Safety Dance (Just kidding… but hilarious music video) I’m just gonna go with You Found Me because I’m assuming she wants to be found… although that’s not what The Fray was probably talking about heheh.

Screens of all sorts

Best line:
[Holmes is handcuffed to the bed naked with only a pillow covering him. A maid walks in and screams] Sherlock Holmes: Madame, I need you to remain calm and trust me, I’m a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release. [the maid screams again and runs away]
Best first date movie:
Ah… A cute, funny disney movie. Doesn’t have to be old or recent. I don’t want a movie to provoke awkwardness haha
Best pajama and ice cream viewing:
My Lucky Star, Fated to Love You, or Boys Over Flowers!
Film I wish I could inhabit:
Spirited Away
Most amazing on-screen wardrobe:
Uh… how about most amazing on-screen lack-of-wardrobe? Because that’s Taylor Lautner ;]
If a biopic were made about Amanda she'd be played by:
Eh… can’t really see anyone. Maybe Ellen Page…

My thoughts on Amanda

Amanda is…
Amanda Valentino, the one and only… I hope. Or else we’re in trouble.
She’s also…
original, crazy, a chameleon, from another realm

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