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  1. ok i'll see if i can find it and come on why wouldnt u love bacon? it's awesome

  2. O: I <3 BACON too :D oh and i read winter girls too! You should read Fall for anything...but I forgot who its by but its really good! Sorry I'm bored so I'm just messaging people :x

  3. ye ah duh cause lilies are awesome

  4. Haha *high five* lillies are my fave too! :D x

  5. omg i love urs thats my fave flower!

  6. love your profile pic :D x

  7. Oh wow

  8. Yeah! Pretty much... =D enjoy the ending ^is really intense and really confuse my advice read the last book really slowly to make sure you understand everything I had to re-read the book a second time just to understand what was happening

  9. oh so i have plenty of reading to do

  10. There are 12 books in the seris with a 13 book on how to read the seris, that book explain everything you need to know about deathnote

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