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  1. HI!!! If you're interested, I just wanted to say that Chapter 30 of A Not So Cinderella Story is up! Yes, I haven't forgotten about it! Hope you continue reading it!!!

  2. It doesn't make 2 things on zine disappear just 1. there is always 5 in the new submission box

  3. I know! I don't want it to be so big because it annoys everyone including me. But thats my favourite flower and the picture just suits it. so... got any idea how i can make it smaller?

  4. omgosh im sooo sorry i havent been on in awhile and im sorry but yeah im back and cant wait to read your new story sorry again and iv missed ya very much sis :)) xx

  5. Hello Miss Capulet. Long time no talk. It's been a while since my last time on this site. Maybe you will remember me. Think about my name...

  6. Oho, so you like Andrew, huh? Don't worry, there'll be lots of him in A Not So Cinderella Sotry! ;)

  7. LIRL xD. I dun't think you need to be completely up-to-date on everything if you want to join... :). That would take a tad too long... lolz. *blinks at the many pages of posts*

  8. Yay! xD. *ish hoping that you shall join in*

  9. Well, in that case, don't barge! Enter in on the convos politely! xD. BTW, please check out the "gah can't think of a title for this" debate? I'm kinda sad that 'tis only the three of us (MissP, MizzT, and me) participating there... D: xD.

  10. Actually, I said it amused me how your debate posts are all (until a few minutes ago) from on the Imagine story. But your parts are very awshumful too! xD.

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