Inducted into The Amanda Project: 03.08.2011

About me

I can't imagine life without:
god;books;Psych;White Collar;prtty much any usa show;Mario Kart 7;my 3DS;my computer;my best buddies;my mp3 player
I am completely indifferent to:
I sometimes pretend to:
be a normal person
The best breakfast is:
pancakes or cinnamon toast crunch
My favorite Tuesday outfit:
my recycling t-shirt, black jeans, and my fake converse
Song stuck in my head:
Chasing Pavement by Adele
Who are you Haiku:
I don’t write these things,
I have better things to do…....
Like reading a book!

The Truth

Do you fall in love easily?
Do you believe in revenge?
Would you do something if you couldn't tell anyone?
heck yeah
Should you really keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
no way!
Do you find the need to clean your room before you do your homework?
I am ashamed of it
Is Amanda telling the truth?
A secret is only a secret if no one knows.
The end justifies the means.
Stealing is always wrong.
Pink goes with everything.
Friendship is forever.
Amanda is still in Orion.
I know why Amanda came here.


Book that changed my life:
i am a genius of unspeakable evil and i want to be your class president
Best book I pretended to read, but didn't:
any Animorphs books that i’ve somehow missed
Most thrilling read:
Code Orange by Caroline Cooney.she rules the world!!!!
If Amanda were a character in a book, she'd be:
she is a character in a book!!!


Song lyric:
Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find —Unwritten
Best song to dance to after a crappy day:
stuck like glue-sugarland
Best song to listen to right before you fall asleep:
skyscraper-demi lovato

Screens of all sorts

Best line:
Shawn: Gus, don’t be both Ashlee Simpson albums. Gus: There were three Ashlee Simpson albums. Shawn: That can’t possibly be true. Gus: Autobiography, Bittersweet— Shawn: I will not do this with you right now! Shawn: [in a hostage situation] Why don’t you let the women, and children, and men, go?
Best pajama and ice cream viewing:
viewing ice cream?!?!?! WHAT??!!

My thoughts on Amanda

Amanda is…
She’s also…
the real deal, original, brilliant, visionary, gifted, brave, weird, bizarre, wild, from another planet, divine, amazing, intense, enchanting, totally hiding something, for real, vintage fabulous

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