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  1. so so sorry I was wondering if youd want to do the next part insted of the one being written. So far Piper is the main character and she like Derek her best guy friend. Her friend Sheila also likes Derek and sramatically gets this idea to aske him out. It is then potrayed that Sheila was turned down, but Piper doesnt know wether Derek said yes

  2. hey hey hey ff. I was wondering if you still wanted to write part 8 of the story? We need it up kind of quick. If not then I can give it to someone else. But if you want to do it then read the parts and write the write lol

  3. I wrote a poem about you!!! :D

  4. Im afraid I can not write very well, but for your sake Ill try

  5. Hehe, I would have gotten the name if you had put that!

  6. It was published? OH that is so awesome! GO FROZEN! XDD

  7. Thank you! X) You make me blush! But I sure you are also a completely awesome person to talk to! :P

  8. thanx... love the stuff u put in the zine....rly good job!

  9. Now? Yes :D

  10. lol yes frozenfire, i'm the eldest among my siblings :P

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