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Amanda always said every story has a million versions, and every work of art has just as many stories to tell. We're posting our stories about Amanda to find out who she really is and where she is now. Please tell us your version...

- Hal, Callie, and Nia

  1. It’s a Small World After All

    So there has been a bit of a delay, and we apologize for that. But, to be honest, we have been ankle deep in clues and haven’t had the time to keep up. You guys. The world is seeping with Amanda right now.

  2. My Dearest, Daring Detectives:

    I cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts, your endless creativity, your caring souls. With everything that you have given me, I’d like to leave you with something also.

  3. Somewhere Out There

    There is definitely someone else out there. “The Lizard,” for lack of a proper name, has been in the back of our minds through this whole crazy journey.

  4. Venn Diagram of Amanda

    Nia seemed shocked at Primaplus’s theory about her vivid descriptions. I don’t think that she is ready to admit it, but I kinda believe that it is true. If Amanda is the keeper of important things, the way queenchuki has put it, then what are we?

  5. What Am I?

    It was something that queenchuki said that made me think of the book. She suggested that maybe Amanda is the keeper of important things, and that Play It Again Sam is a safe haven for these objects.

  6. Walking on the Dark Side of the Moon

    Curiouser and curioser…This week in the comments we were given a lovely metaphor to wrap our brains around – let us dig! Let us grow clues!

  7. Bulldozers and Wrecking Balls

    Faith remembers when Amanda’s things ended up in Play It Again Sam’s after she disappeared. That is, after all, how we got our hands on Amanda’s box full of clues.

  8. Ticky Tacky Little Boxes

    Okay, so we know that this was no coincidence, like Rye2411 says, this was a deliberate move, a message. But is it a hopeful message from Amanda’s side?

  9. Moving Day

    We have an entire spectrum of ideas as to who this man in the photo could be, from practical to magical, you guys covered it all.

  10. The Way He Looks Now

    It’s a strange feeling to suspect that your school, as an institution, is up to no good. But Rye2411 and I are having similar thoughts about the integrity of Endeavor’s administration. But maybe we are wrong; maybe Endeavor is a victim, like Thornhill.

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    This explains a weird exchange I had with her, not that with Amanda there is any …

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    Maybe she's headed to Kansas.

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