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Amanda always said every story has a million versions, and every work of art has just as many stories to tell. We're posting our stories about Amanda to find out who she really is and where she is now. Please tell us your version...

- Hal, Callie, and Nia

  1. Unscheduled, Unplanned, Unannounced

    Cornelia “tips her hat” to those who thanked her for her research. “Looking at ancient newspaper articles in a dust library is tiring,” she says (sorry Louise for referring to your high school years as prehistoric).

  2. Patterns

    Okay so we keep stumbling upon this number, number 23 which turns out to have almost as much baggage attached to it. BlueRoseGrey did some research and found out that the number 23 is very important in the philosophy of Discordianism.

  3. Guess Who

    Louise, Louise, Louise. It’s hard to live in a town as small as Orion and not have everyone and the mailman know your business.

  4. The Archives

    If there is anything that we have learned from interacting with Louise, it is that she may have more secrets than Amanda.

  5. Subtitle, Subtext

  6. As Time Goes By

    There is some speculation as to who is for us and who is against us. At this point in the game, and with the amount of information that we have gathered about Amanda, it could be dangerous for us to fall into the wrong hands.

  7. Release the Hounds

    There was no way to prepare us for the sight of this car. It was mangled and gnashed and barely a car at all. It looked more like a wad of gum, a crushed spider, a ball of tinfoil that might be chased by a cat.

  8. Car-ma

    It’s easy to imagine Amanda splattering a car with multi-colored paint, but it is quite difficult to envision her behind the wheel of the car.

  9. Fort Knox Locked

    I wonder how many journals Amanda actually kept. I would always see her with a different one; some seemed neat and tidy and others were exploding with scraps or sketches. But I never saw her carry one that was locked.

  10. Pay No Attention to the Room Behind the Curtain

    There is nothing that makes me think of a prime-time crime show more than finding clues in accidental pictures. What’s next? Rooftop foot chases? Spying from taxi cabs with binoculars?

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