Bulldozers and Wrecking Balls

by Hal Bennett on 03.02.2012

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Faith remembers when Amanda’s things ended up in Play It Again Sam’s after she disappeared.  That is, after all, how we got our hands on Amanda’s box full of clues.  And this was very curious and alarming to find your missing friends possessions being sold in a second hand shop, how could this be?  AllieK thinks that Play It Again Sam’s might be filled with the belongings of  people who have needed to flee or are being hunted by… well, I guess we still have no idea. But queenchuki thinks that it has something to do with the list of people on Thornhill’s computer, remember when we  broke into his office?

But what a weird thought! Remember the mirror? What if everything in that store has a similar reason for being there? What a creepy thought!

So, we decided to take Rye2411’s idea and track down the address on the boxes.  This was much easier than we thought it would be with a little help from Cornelia.  Nia took a picture through the locked back door of Play It Again Sam’s and we uploaded it onto Cornelia’s computer.  She then enhanced and refined the picture until it was big enough to see the small, upside down handwriting on the side. We felt like members of a high tech forensics team on some high-energy television show… Or, maybe that was just me.

Anyway the address was not too far out of town, so we took a long bike ride out there.  We arrived to find the house sitting at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by bulldozers.  As we hopped off our bikes we watched, from a distance, a giant wrecking ball crank back and swing into the side of the house.

Seems a little excessive for simply covering ones tracks, no? What do you think this could mean?

15 responses

  1. Faith

    Someone obviously doesn’t exist. I mean, doesn’t _want_ to exist. They must be trying to cover their tracks, make people forget about them.

    But the big question is why? And how does it tie up to Amanda?

    Maybe you could get a little closer. Try to find some clues at the site, or ask the workers’ if they know anything. On second thought, scratch that idea. We don’t know whose side they’re on anyways. Just do your best to squeeze out information.

    Someone has a secret. But they don’t want anyone to know.

    • marycaulf

      It means a lot

      • AllieK

        I guess whoever’s moving away has bigger reasons for covering their tracks than we thought.  Otherwise you’d be right Hal, it would be a little excessive.

        • Zylaar

          Definitely OTT. I dunno, mebbe they just wanna get rid of evidence or clues that you could find. If the builders are doing this, meybe tthey know whats going on. But like Faith said, we dunno what side they’re on. They could be totally clueless and just doing their job and the boss man is the brains behind the business. Investigate, dish out the dirt, then gather that dirt, find more clues, put all those clues together, throw the soil onto it and watch it grow. Metaphorically.

          • queenchuki

            Well, I agree with Zylaar about the fact that the workers are totally clueless about this, but the boss man’s the brain… Maybe you could ask around/search to see if anything mysterious happened at that house (maybe something hopefully connected to Amanda?) or check who owns the bulldozer (umm.. perhaps Orion College of Pharmaceuticals??)

            • mpetes

              maybe whoever lived in the house was hiding something and thought that destorying the building would be the best way to hide it once and for all. Maybe you could wait until the workers leave and look around the rubble. There could be something in there that could be a clue of some sort. The workers might be clueless, but they may not and be destroying the building to destroy something important that they don’t want you or anyone else to find.

              • Rye2411

                This does seem a little over the top just to cover someone’s tracks. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of someone going this far just to hide a couple secrets.

                Like others have said, dig around. You could ask the workers what they’re doing or wait until the leave to search through the rubble. Something may turn up under the pile of destruction.

                Personally, I’m wondering what they’re building on top of the house site. Typically, when something is bulldozed, it means that the city - or someone else - is building something right over top of it.
                Perhaps what they may or may not be building will give us a bigger clue as to what is going on.

                • AlexInvisible

                  Something happened in that house that someone doesn’t want anyone to know about.
                  The best way to destroy evidence is to destroy the crime scene.

                  • 15DaysOfSumer

                    If those were the Starks possesions, maybe that was the Starks house? Maybe they think they’re in way to deep, and just want to forget about everything. Louise might just be holding their stuff for them while they find a new home. But how unlikely is that?

                    They could be the enemy, and are trying to destroy any evidence of themselves, but I don’t think they are trying to destroy any evidence, because all evidence shows that they’re on Amanda’s side, and that’s the good side… right? Well, they may be hiding evidence from Amanda’s enemies, i guess. But I have another theory.

                    What if it’s not the Starks destroying their house? What if it’s the enemies? Maybe the Starks were taken hostage, forced to tell all they know about Amanda. THAT would not be good. Maybe the wreckers are the same people as the firemen or something, and their working with the bad guys? They might have already searched the house and are now destroying any evidence…

                    • BlueRoseGrey

                      Did we ever figure out who the Lizard was? My memory is a bit foggy on that one. If not, then what if Stark was the one who did up Thornhill’s car with Amanda? What if the Starks and Amanda know each other? That could explain why the same stuff is happening to them as Amanda.

                      • ZoeElise

                        Ok, so if we’re saying that all the things in Play It Again Sam are from all the people who are perhaps hiding from the same people, then the house probably belongs to one of those people. Maybe they were so concerned about being captured, taken, chased, or whatever, that they left their belongings with Louise and ordered their house to be taken down so that they didn’t leave a trail. I think you should go back to Play it again Sam with things you don’t want anymore, and see if Louise will accept them, or if she’ll just reject them.

                        Maybe, also, the house was where Amanda actually lived, not in Motels or whatever, and whoever took her knocked it down to lead us off the trail?

                        • 2q2q1

                          AMANDA’S BEING HUNTED BY OTHERS

                          • nevapepin

                            What if its another clue that Amanda is trying to send to you. Like she wanted you to see the box and find the address so that you could see what is going on. SHE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT ABOUT ORION! I think it all has something to do with Callie’s mom.

                            • Purple*Rose

                              I’m so glad to be back, i just spent half an hour catching up, but here i am!!!!
                              SO i think that someone’s trying to cover up they’re tracks, this could mean that’s someone’s worried, which mean’s you’re on the right track, right? But something stuck out in my mind, the phrase ‘TEAR IT DOWN’ maybe it could mean forgetting about the past, or maybe it’s a hidden message from someone, meaning stop trying. I don’t know i’m just spitballing here, but something fishy is going on!

                              • AlexInvisible

                                You should contact the construction company and see who hired them.

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