Tackle the Text Furtive Friends?

by Hal Bennett on 03.05.2010

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Whoa. We’re a little weirded out about the fourth guide thing—even thinking about another guide shakes us up way more than we’d like to admit. Even Nia looked freaked and she can’t admit to ever getting upset. Anything is possible with Amanda, as you guys know, but Amanda didn’t give her a chameleon, right? And where was she during our detention? But Amanda and Susanna could definitely have been friends all along, as Jrmadcedonio, kimchan1020, and SarahB think. And if trumpetgirl’s handwriting analysis is right and Susanna is the one looking for Amanda, it would mean they were closer friends than any of us realized. Maybe no one ever noticed because like PoshKat said—Susanna was always overlooked.

This excellent analysis really reminded me of when Callie realized she was not the only the only one in Amanda’s special little club, which of course our favorite I-Girl did not like. Ha-ha. Although, I gotta say, it was a bit of a body blow for all of us!

. . . but before I could finish my sentence, Nia cut me off.

“But you don’t seem to understand, Mr. Thornhill. None of us is even friends with Amanda Valentino.”

I jerked my head to stare at her. On the one hand I knew Nia was telling the truth. I knew it. How could Amanda have been friends with someone so . . .well, so weird? And she’d never even mentioned Nia, not once. Of course they weren’t friends.

But there was something about the way Nia’s face was whiter than the school mascot and how tightly she was clutching the arms of her chair that made it seem as if she were lying. Which would mean she and Amanda were friends. Only that was . . .

Impossible. . .

Is Amanda’s friendship with Susanna some sort of clue as Shellgirl suggested? Is there anyone else we’re overlooking?

40 responses

  1. AllieK

    I think it might be.  IDK if Susanna is the fourth guide but she obviously has some relationship with Amanda.  It can’t be a coincidence that her charms are a key and a coyote, especially since its odd how she could even afford a pricey bracelet like that.  I think its worth checking out.

    • RRRules

      Susanna told me today something she didn’t tell me before. When she found the bracelet that she’d gotten from Diane, it came with a note. “I’m always watching you, Cammy. Love, Amanda”
      Now, you may say, “Susanna is DEFINITELY the fourth guide!!!” But she told me that she met Diane/AV at the Arcadia and didn’t know she was AV until the end, so how could she have been the guide?
      By the way; when did we find out there was fourth guide, anyways?

      • SarahB

        Amanda is totally the type to have been friends with a lot more people than any of us ever realised. I’ll have to go have a read through Invisible I again to see who we’re missing… because I really do get the feeling there’s someone else we’re overlooking.

        • trumpetgirl

          I don’t think Susanna is the fourth guide, I just think she was really good friends with Amanda, because of the bracelet, charms, and now the note. And RRRules, IDK how we found out about the fourth guide, I can’t remember. There could definitly be something (or someone) we are overlooking. Amanda could have been friends with lots of other people we don’t know about. But the problem is we don’t know that much…..

          • SarahB

            OK, so, thought.

            How about Bea? You know, Bea Rossiter?

            Amanda had to have found out about Bea somehow, about her accident. Callie certainly never told her, and I’m thinking Heidi wouldn’t exactly have been spilling the beans about it. So… maybe she got it straight from the source?

            It’s also possible that Amanda had something to do with the awesome surgery that Bea was offered… though I’d rather believe it was Heidi’s mom trying to right Heidi’s atrocious wrong.

            • Mnyca1213

              This might sound stupid and i might be completely wrong but if you look in the video thing about amanda on this website it says amanda chose 4 guides and it shows a picture of 4 shirts and 2 of the shirts are girls shirts and the other 2 are guys shirts… so wouldn’t that mean the fourth guide is a .... guy?

              • Pipper

                pk this is somehow possible and impossible
                possible coz:
                Knowing amanda… you kinda figure

                impossible coz:
                why did she not graffiti her locker?

                • PoshKat

                  My personal feeling is that Susanna is the forth guide. Amanda didn’t seem to make close friends easily, as far as we know Hal, Callie and Nia were her only close friends at Endeavor, so why would someone who didn’t know her that well have a bracelet that so obviously related to her? It makes sense that Susanna’s the forth guide!

                  • Milana

                    Maybe Susanna knows something, but doesn’t know that she knows it. 
                    MY THEORY:
                    She’s seen a clue left by Amanda that was left for everyone, but only Susanna saw it.
                    Amanda knows that ONLY Susanna saw it.
                    Amanda left the bracelet in a place for Susanna/gave it to her anonamously.
                    Amanda did this so that we would ask questions.


                    • curiousjoy

                      I agree with Milana that Amanda left the clues with Susanna just so we would ask questions. What does she want us to see?

                      • TrueBeauty106

                        I think Susanna is the fourth guide. I mean a key and a coyote, coincidence? I think not! But my only question is why wasn’t there grafiti on her locker. Unless Mr. Thornhill is partially in on it. He might have been told by Amanda to leave Susanna alone. He may not know where Amanda is, because if he did he wouldn’t be bothering Hal, Nia, and Callie, but the way he acts Mr. Thornhill knows something!!!!!!

                        • trumpetgirl

                          Good point about the grafitti on her locker. And if Susanna was the fourth guide why wasn’t she called into the office with Hal, Callie and Nia? I think she always knew Amanda, but really got to know her after a while. I still think Amanda gave her the charm bracelet!

                          • invisible

                            in the clip the amanda project it says that there are four kids that she chose to be her guide. do you remember in invisible i Mr. Thornhill `s car is drawn on. and on the trunk there was a dozen bears, cats(couger)and birds.but there was also a lizard on the truck .so could this fourth guide animal totem be a lizard .and i do agree with Mnyca1213 that the fourth guide is a guy and not a girl .

                            • AllieK

                              I agree too, I think the fourth guide is a guy, since in the video it says the guides are two girls and two guys

                              • RRRules

                                Susanna is the lizard, but she’s not the guide. She didn’t even find out who Amanda was until she left.
                                I think that there could be people we’re overlooking. I think one of AV’s goals was to help certain people. For example, Susanna was kind of this nobody, but AV helped her and became her friend. I’m sure that many people knew Amanda.

                                • dem_94

                                  I agree that the fourth guide is a guy, not Susanna. That doesn’t mean Susanna wasn’t connected w/ AV, but that she wasn’t in as deep as Hal, Nia, and Callie.

                                  I know this might be completely out there, but what do you guys think of Mr. Thornhill being a guide? I mean he was obviously connected with Callie’s mom, b/c of the note. So why can’t he be in w/ AV too?

                                  • myzzdramax0x

                                    Actually I think it is Mr. Thornhill, Didn’t he have a purple envelope in his car with a lizard on the corner?

                                    • TheAccomplice

                                      The envelope in Mr. Thornhill’s car had a coyote (as to say, from amanda)  not a lizard. Furthermore, I would like to say that I believe Susanna is in some way connected to Amanda, but not the fourth guide. The bracelet is a sign, not a claim. If Susanna were the fourth guide, I think Amanda would have found a different, more cryptic way to get the message across, though one can never be sure. This Amanda works in strange ways.

                                      • PoshKat

                                        I have a theory, what if instead of Susanna not knowing much about Amanda, what if she knew everything? What if it was her with Amanda doing the grafitti on Thornhill’s car? That would truely mae her a chameleon, because nobody knows. But now Amanda wants you to know about her now because she gave her the bracelet. It’s a lot of what ifs, but there might be something in it.

                                        • PoshKat

                                          I mean, what if she’s been fooling everyone all this time?

                                          • AllieK

                                            That would be interesting, Amanda is pretty unpredictable.  I think dem_94’s theory is more likely though, I’ve thought that maybe Mr. Thornhill could be the fourth guide too.  The only tattoed lockers were Hal, Callie and Nia’s-if there was any other student who had a lizard tatoo on his/her locker Principla Thornhill would have talked to that person too.  I feel that he’s connected with Amanda in some way since he seems to be really concerned about where she is.  And there was the purple envelope.  IDK

                                            • SarahB

                                              Amanda seems to connect with people younger than Thornhill though, don’t you think? I mean, I can’t exactly see her dragging him to a tattoo parlour to get a henna chameleon on his arm. Or similar. O.o

                                              I think we’re looking for someone younger. The only boys I can think of who are the right sort of age that we’ve already met are Lee (Callie’s ex, sorry Callie) and Nia’s brother. Unless there’s someone else who we haven’t met yet. Who was the guy Heidi gave Nia a hard time about?

                                              • RRRules

                                                (good point, Sarah. Thornhill isn’t the type to get a tattoo xD)
                                                I think Accomplice has a good point. She said.
                                                “The bracelet is a sign, not a claim. If Susanna were the fourth guide, I think Amanda would have found a different, more cryptic way to get the message across, though one can never be sure. This Amanda works in strange ways.”
                                                I compltely agree with the “sing not claim” thing, and AV is more cryptic when it comes to stuff like this.

                                                SarahB also said that it may be another character our age who did it. That friend of Nia’s name has slipped my mind…

                                                • BlueRoseGrey

                                                  i’m not too sure on the whole “fourth guide” thing—i mean, it COULD be possible… but i’m almost positive that she is/was somehow linked to Amanda.

                                                  • SarahB

                                                    I just had a thought. Maybe the fourth guide is the one who helped Amanda paint the car, and that’s why they weren’t involved in the detention thing? Because they ran off too… did anyone else disappear from Endeavour that day?

                                                    • trumpetgirl

                                                      I really don’t think thornhill is the 4th guide, but he does have some connection in all of this. and yeah maybe the 4th guide was the one who helped paint Thornhill’s car. Jason (another kid in detention with Hal, Callie and Nia) left detention to “go to the bathroom”. I don’t think he has anything 2 do with the Amanda thing, but idk.

                                                      • RRRules

                                                        Sarah: That’s a good point, so I decided to follow up on that. I went to the office and tried to get a hold of attendance records and…
                                                        long story short, I have no idea.

                                                        • ♥MLE♥

                                                          Just think… would Amanda really make it that obvious that Suzanna is the fourth guide? NO, cause that is too unAmanda like. Also any sane person who found grafitti in thier locker would report it, so wouldn’t Suzanna. I think that there has to be another person, but maybe Suzanna is the clue? She may have found this stuff… but maybe she is being used to give it to someone else she is close to?

                                                          • trumpetgirl

                                                            Hum….it seems like we’ve hit a wall. I really cannot think of anyone else who could be a 4th guide (keep in mind we aren’t completely sure the 4th guide is a guy, its more likely, but still there is a probability the guide is a girl)

                                                            • invisible

                                                              ive been thinking of this , ontil now there are only 3 guides callie, hal, and nia .we know this because they each had there tottems painted on their lockers and amanda told them each she needed one guide but only three we know.
                                                                  what if the fourth guide dose not go to thier school but go to another school. And that could also explain why amanda would miss school on some of the days . she could of have been going back and forth.
                                                                    so the fourth guide would go to the other school.
                                                                        oh and it can`t be mr.thornhill because the littile amanda clip you must of saw it says 4 KIDS and mr thornhill is not a KID so i wouldn`t even consider him

                                                              • AllieK

                                                                Thats an interesting theory I didn’t think of that. IDK though isn’t that a lot of trouble to go to, switching back and forth between schools.  I didn’t think of the kid thing either, I guess that rules Mr. Thornhill out.

                                                                • invisible

                                                                  i know it sounds like a lot of trouble to go through , but think about this amanda already went through a lot of trouble . To leave those clues but also by not being seen or heard .

                                                                  • invisible

                                                                    ok so this is for hal,callie, nia ,and i guess cornelia ( because she made this site ). (and everyone else).

                                                                                  since the begening we don`t know who the fourth guide is and mostly everyone thinks that that persone is in your school (nia,callie , and hal`s school) but only three lockers were painted . and we can rule mr. thornhill out like AllieK said after i said we shouldn`t consider him.
                                                                                    i think that amanda did go to another school and the fourth guide would be at that school . and everything probably happened to that one persone like it happend to you ( callie ,hal ,nia).
                                                                                        this could explain why their was no fourth locker painted .because it would be at the other school

                                                                    • RRRules

                                                                      I think this discussion of “another school” was brought up on a different one of Our Stories. It couldn’t be, though, because, alothough AV missed a lot of school, she didn’t miss ENOUGH school to go to another.

                                                                      • myzzdramax0x

                                                                        When I first saw that video, I was confused a bit but then my thought was maybe it’s Cornelia…but that was jsut instinct cuz she was on the website and created it.

                                                                        • trumpetgirl

                                                                          That’s what I thought too! It does seem probable, b/c of her help on the website. But really idk

                                                                          • Shellgirl

                                                                            Just because Amanda may not go to another school, she could still know other people from other schools. And if she could paint a car with no one knowing she probably could just as easily break into another school to paint another locker. Think about it, she went places and knew people. Maybe she met a forth guide somewhere that wasn’t a school and learned where they went. What needs to figured out is if any other schools in the area had any locker paintings around the same time as Nia’s, Hal’s and Callie’s. And if there is then we have something else to look into.

                                                                            • jessicahuey

                                                                              Hal, you should have described amanda to that uy at the comfort inn.

                                                                              • jessicahuey

                                                                                *that guy

                                                                                • SerenaRules

                                                                                  I think that it is very possible that there are other guides out there the real question is : why did amanda keep Susanna more of a secret than all of you. Susanna may not be a guide but a clue

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