It’s a Small World After All

by Hal Bennett on 06.18.2012

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So there has been a bit of a delay, and we apologize for that.  But, to be honest, we have been ankle deep in clues and haven’t had the time to keep up.  You guys.  The world is seeping with Amanda right now.

This woman from the Riviera obviously knew something and we needed to find out what.  We needed to find out anything, honestly.  We were a bit down and out on the information front.
In a desperate attempt to understand at least a trace of what was going on, we decided to take a slightly stalker-like route.  Why not, right?  I mean, if Amanda is lurking behind the scenes and leaving us clues, then why can’t we tailgate a woman who we think may have some information that we need? That seems normal, right?

Normal is a word that seems almost unrecognizable to me now.  After meeting Amanda, even saying the word out loud seems silly.

So we waited balanced on the seats of our bikes, ready to follow this mysterious woman right after her shift.  Callie was the first to spot her slipping into a blue car in the back parking lot.  She had not exited from the front door, she must have crept  out an employee entrance.  I wondered if she actually worked there at all. Who goes from real estate lady to clerk in such a short time?
“Quick!” Nia was already flying down the road, hunched over her handlebars following that silly blue car down an alley street I had never been down before.  Callie and I were on her heels, flying like we have never flown before, turning down street after street that seemed unrecognizable.

And then the car turned too quickly and our bikes skidded to a halt. There, in front of us was a very Amanda-like mural.  It was a painting of the world with kids holding hands around its circumference. Except the kids were clearly Nia, Callie, Zoe and I.  Holding hands around the world.

Underneath there was a caption:  Come together, right now, over me. See you soon. And in the corner: a coyote.

Has Amanda been with us all this time?

10 responses

  1. AllieK

    She has to have been. It would make sense that she’s been keeping track of your search this whole time, that would explain the clues she’s left for you throughout your journey.  Also, it seems the real estate lady meant to lead you to the place where that mural was.  Its liekly that she’s an ally of Amanda’s

    • marycaulf

      yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda! is with everyone.

      • ZoeElise

        Yes, Amanda could never leave. She is visionary, incredible, and when you need her most, she will be there. She is like an angel, she watches down on those she loves, and is always there to protect them. Sometimes even angels need help though, but they stay loyal and true.

        • brittobart

          is this the last story on here????????????

          • queenchuki

            Of course Amanda was always there!! I mean, first of all, if she left you in the first place, she wouldn’t have been able to paint the mural and leave random clues around you.. And another reason is, do you think Amanda is the type of person to run away from trouble, and leave her friends behind?

            And like AllieK said, this woman is an ally of Amanda’s.. Perhaps, she is a double agent?? And yes, Amanda might be there, but she might need help.. Maybe she needs you to piece together all those tiny clues together, and you’ll find out that its a call for help from Amanda..

            And, I know I’ve said this again and again, but just look over those clues carefully!! Perhaps what you need is right under your nose!!

            • EllaMarie

              I’m not sure how to say this, since most of what I’m going to say, has already been said. So, I should probably just say it…. Amanda IS everywhere. Not only that, but she’s a part of you. Since you met her, right? Of course, you did. Everyone knows that. Everyone that has read the series, anyway.

              That woman from the Riviera is an ally. Why else would she lead you to a mural of yourselves? :D

              • Everlasting

                SO this is the end. Part of me always though amanda had always been with us. Her soul lives on. But in the end, this is fake. A fictional stories you guys made up so you could get a great website going only to crush out hearts and close down the only thing we have that makes us happy. How thoughtful of you all!

                • Jess☮❥

                  I’m sorry, but I agree with Silent-seas. This wasn’t the end I imagined. Even after reading EVERYTHING on this site, going through all the clues and endless descriptions of Amanda, I still feel like I have no idea who she is. I hate that feeling. I guess in the end, I just wanted her to show up and explain who she really is and why she did everything she did.

                  • Everlasting

                    Jess, I am dissapointed too, the reason they are letting go is because the story came to an end. <Removed by Cornelia’s Minions>

                    • Everlasting

                      Sorry the part after that is… _A s**tty S**tty end! And that is a f**cked up and s**tty reason to close down the site! :mad:I am so mad!)

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                        Sorry the part after that is... _A s**tty S**tty end! And that is a f**cked up …

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                        Jess, I am dissapointed too, the reason they are letting go is because the story came …

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