My Dearest, Daring Detectives:

by Amanda Valentino on 06.16.2012

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I cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts, your endless creativity, your caring souls.  With everything that you have given me, I’d like to leave you with something also.  My travels (more accurately described as my fleeing) has forced me to shed nearly all of my worldly possessions.  I exist with only what fits in my pockets, so I cannot give you something concrete.  I can, however, give you knowledge.  I can share with you stories, poems, songs, art; as you have been sharing with each other.  This, my friends, is what keeps the good fight going.

If you’ll let me, I will leave you with a few stories from my point of views: of how I met my guides.  They have had the chance to tell you how they came to met me, but my story is a little different.  I have written them letters, but they are also for you.


I was handed to you as a troubled math student in need of a tutor, as you remember. I’m sure you know now: this was no accident. Nor was it the first time I had noticed and observed you.  I knew that there were others like me in Orion, that much I knew. I didn’t realize it would be so easy to pick you guys out of a crowd…or so fun.
It was my first day at Endeavor and I might as well have been a ghost (well, a ghost it a fabulous platinum wig).  It was a difficult school to be new; everyone seemed to have their own pre-set groups, especially you, Callie (regret nothing, my little bear, everything happens for a reason).
It isn’t right to say “the first time I saw you….”  So: the first time I felt you, Callie, you were walking down the hall with your gaggle of I-Girls. I had my back to you all, digging through my locker (I had brought too many wigs, what’s a girl to do?) and as you past I felt the floor move. Literally. Move.  As you passed, it was as if the linoleum trembled with your steps.
I snapped my neck around and watched you walk into your English class. Even the doorframe seemed to warp to make room for you.


It was also on the first day of school that I noticed you.  We were sitting in homeroom, you had scurried in sleepily and slipped into the desk in front of mine. It’s hard to explain the feeling that I got when you sat down. It wasn’t unlike dragging your feet through carpet to get a jolt of static electricity on a doorknob. It was like that tiny shock, but constant and piercing.
Your had your head down, barely noticing the other students squeezing through the isles of desks with their bags and books and one with a science project that might have been a brain in a jar. You were sketching something lazily, a tree with gnarled branches and knotted roots.
There was something about the way you moved, Hal, almost as if your body were out of your control.  I was watching you carefully when all of a sudden you dropped your pencil and snapped your head to the window.  One millisecond later, a bird (poor thing) flew directly into the window. Right where you were looking.  The rest of the class responded to the noise, jumping at the awful bang, one girl even let out a little scream.  But you, Hal, you knew it was going to happen.  You drew birds for days after that.


You have been drawn to old things even before I introduced you to Play It Again Sam’s.  What you may not know is that they are also drawn to you.
When I found you in the library, you were surrounded by first editions.  Old and dusty and full of stories. You were sitting with a stack literature when I walked into the backroom. Meeting you felt different. With Callie and Hal, I felt energy rushing from them. But you, energy rushed to you. It was as if everything, every object that had a history to it, was reaching out to you.  It felt like wading through a stream full of trout.  I could feel stories and images whoosh past me to get to you.  Most of all, I could feel Plath’s Ariel nearly banging against it’s glass case to get to you.
It was strange to see you so calm and reflective as the whole room shook with chaos and charge because of your presence.  It was also strange to see such a beautiful spirit hidden away in drab clothes, tucked away into corners, overlooked.  Not overlooked by others, overlooked by yourself.  The world bends to you, Nia.  Never forget that.


You are secretive.  I won’t reveal too much about you.  I just leave you with this advice:  only use your ability to disappear when you need it.  You are too valuable to the world to stay hidden.  There is a difference between blending in and running away.  Stand your ground.

And to you all,

Thank you for having faith in me, for helping me.  The most important thing to remember is your own story. It is sacred. It is art.  

Come together, right now, over me.


What would you like to say to our tireless guides? To Amanda?

7 responses

  1. AllieK

    Thanks Hal, Callie, and Nia, for making this site so that you could share your search with us and so that we could share our connections to Amanda with you.  Zoe, I don’t know as much about you, but I know you contibuted to the search too and cglad we got to meet you.  This site helped us come closer and closer to finding Amanda, as well as learn new things about her.  It also allowed everyone to come together as a community and make new friends as we shared our artwork, writing, and other creative pieces with others.  I’ll miss this site a lot, it became one of my favorites over the past three years.  I hope that me and everyone else twill remember the fun we had while this site was running.

    • ZoeElise

      Thank you to everyone to let me be apart of this mystery. Callie, Hal, Nia, Zoe and Amanda as well. Thank you. On this site I made so many friends, I felt as if I could express myself without being judged. Together this site is my fourth family, I have never met you, yet you all mean so much to me.
      This site is incredible, for the year I was on it, it made me feel as though I was a part of something. Something big. And I thank you for that.
      Thank you guys for everything. I love you all.
      Zoe Elise

      • queenchuki

        To everyone in here, I can say this thing only.. THANK YOU! I know I have been here for less than a year, but this thing gave me something to look forward to! Something that keeps me thinking at every week ‘Will Hal, Callie or Nia have a new clue for use?’. This place also gave me a place to be more creative. A place where everyone was working together. A place that seemed so much like a family. A family who has a strong bond. A family who welcomes everyone. A family that comes together towards one goal: Finding Amanda..

        To Cal, Hallie and Nia: I know all of you are fictional characters, but you showed me what true friends really are.. Friends that help each other, care about each other deeply and in a way, has a strong bond that would last for a lifetime

        Amanda, I just wanted to say that you helped me be more daring and brave. You inspired me a lot, and I can say truthfully, that I hope I meet someone like you in real life

        My fellow members, I had so much fun here! Fulfilling my so called dream of being a detective, and helping each other.. I can say that all of you are like a family of mine that I’ve never met! Thank you!

        And to all the people behind posting, making these stories and authors, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. All of us appreciate the hard work you’ve done in here.. I hope you feel proud of yourself, for forming this big family and for giving us a grand time..

        Thank you for everything. I’ll miss all the fun we had!
        queenchuki // SUKI

        • EllaMarie

          Hal, Callie, Nia, and Zoe: I know you are fictional characters, but would it be possible to meet someone like each one of you? If I could, I would go over to Orion personally hug each one of you. But right now, I guess I’ll just have to settle for a virtual hug. So… *hugs* And thanks for making the website an amazing place to be. :D

          Members on TAP: Apart from the administrators, you made The Amanda Project awesome. It was part of the reason I kept logging on to TAP. You also need a hug from me. *virtual hug*

          Amanda: I’m not actually sure what to say to you. Since I’ve never actually met you, in real life. If you were, you probably would have been my most cherished friend. Maybe someday, I’ll even meet someone like you. :)

          And finally, my last letter. The administrators. You probably deserve a thank you too. You were after all, the ones helped published the books. Wrote the Our-Stories. So, thanks for everything you did, for making it amazing. *hugs*

          EllaMarie / Alyxtiaz

          • Zylaar

            Cheers, you guys, for an amazing time, an amazing adventure, and a chance to meet amazing people, even if they are said to be fictional. Amanda’s not fiction, though. She’s alive in all of us. I know it sounds like crap from a movie, but it’s true. Not just in us TAP people, she’s in everyone. People just don’t recognise her as ‘Amanda’.
            So thanks, kids, for all this. For… making my life… mine. And everyone else’s theirs. I’m certain everyone will have loads to take away even if they only joined, like, last month, or last week or something x]. Hip hip hooray and a pat on the back to everyone, the TAP tech team in particular for getting everything to run alright around here - sure you had a few blips and things, but hey, they happen. And especially to all the writers on here - that means you too, Hal, Callie and Nia.

            Love yo,
            —Zylaar Sona Akari Cross x

            • Zylaar

              Oh, and by the way: LOVING the mask up there!!! EPICCC… x}

              • Jess☮❥

                Goodbye Amanda. I wish I could have really known you.

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