Somewhere Out There

by audrey_horne on 04.20.2012

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There is definitely someone else out there.  “The Lizard,” for lack of a proper name, has been in the back of our minds through this whole crazy journey. Faith reminded us that we know that The Lizard received a tattoo from the henna shop, just like the three of us, but could they have been the person helping Amanda paint Thornhill’s car on the security tape? Could they be the person driving the van when those moving boxes nearly killed Nia on the sidewalk? Could The Lizard be following and helping us more than we know? What an eerie thought.

Who is The Lizard? And why have they not come forward?  Pretty much everyone in Orion knows that we are looking for Amanda, if The Lizard wanted our help they would have come to us, right?  Even Thornhill came to us after Amanda went missing (I suppose the spray painted lockers gave it away a bit), why wont this mystery guide show themselves!

SHOW YOURSELF LIZARD! …I guess that was worth a try.

Anyway, on a similar note, I had a pretty strange experience the other day.  I was on my way back from the library when I got a text from my dad.


He had been building a new table over the past few weeks and not sleeping very well so I imagine that the combination of no sleep and the sounds of a power saw was giving him a headache.  I stopped at the nearest pharmacy, snatched a bottle of extra strength and went to the register to pay.  When I got there, the woman at the counter gave me a ghostly look. I squinted at her, she looked so familiar as she took the bottle from my hand, scanned it.

Where had I seen her before? I was racking my brain, trying to fit her face on to some memory.  And then it came to me: THE RIVIERA!  Of course! She was the woman who gave us the tour of the model apartment, which was where Amanda had said she lived (among many other places).  We had gone there hoping to find her in her platinum wig reading Shakespeare, but instead found the place empty.  Empty with the exception of this woman.

She had told us that certainly no one was living here and that she didn’t know anyone with the name Amanda.  She did mention someone named Chloe, although she seemed quite unsure.

“Hello! I think I met you while looking for my friend at the Riviera,” I said to her as I handed her the money for the Advil.  

“You must be thinking of someone else,” she stammered and then immediately put up a sign that said BACK IN 15 MINUTES and disappeared into the back room.

I am SO sure she was the woman from the Riviera.  Could this have to do with Amanda? Who is Chloe? What’s up with pharmacies in this town?!

16 responses

  1. Faith

    It’s simple: THE LADY KNOWS SOMETHING!!! Either that or she was the twin of the lady at the Riviera… Or just related to her.

    We all know Amanda made friends in some strange places, right? Well, the woman at the counter could have been one. She probably knows something that she has been keeping. Is she with Amanda? She could also be part of the “bad-guy organization” thing.

    As for “Chloe,” she could be in this mystery. Or she could not have been. Maybe Chloe WAS Amanda, as you guys once found out Amanda went under different names. Chloe could also be the “Lizard,” or someone important as well. Since Amanda said she lived at the Riviera, she might have been wanting you to meet “Chloe.” Assuming Chloe wasn’t just Amanda in disguise, she could have some important clues. Maybe you should track down this Chloe…? But what if Chloe didn’t exist at all? If the lady knows something about Amanda, she might have been lying about a girl named Chloe to throw you off the tracks. As you said she was unsure when she said this, that could be a mark that she was lying.

    I think you already figured out EVERYTHING has to do with Amanda.

    And as for the “pharmacies in this town,” no one knows…

    • AllieK

      I’m thinking the woman might have been threatened into keeping quiet about Amanda after their visit to the Riviera. She didn’t act that way when she first met them.  And its odd that she went on break right after you started asking her questions.

      Anyways, I have this feeling that your dad sent you to the pharmacy on purpose? If this is Hal writing (I’m guessing one of the characters was supposed to post this and not Audrey?)  then II’m thinkng that since we know from the past that your dad might have something to do with Amanda, then maybe he meant for you to go to the pharmacy so you could see that woman again.  I just have that feeling

      • AllieK

        Oh and the Chloe she was referring to could be Amanda.  She had a lot of different identities after all.

        • queenchuki

          Well, I don’t think Chloe is Amanda because Amanda isn’t careless enough to have ANOTHER secret identity in a place where someone could recognize her! But MAYBE she was close with someone named Chloe… So, perhaps its a lead..

          And I think you should NOT trust that blonde lady.. No, wait, do not trust anyone working for that pharmacy…  I sense that the pharmacy is hiding something.. A BIG secret from the past or something..

          • queenchuki

            Oh yeah, I read AllieK’s theory, and it kinda made sense… Maybe you were meant to see that woman, as a warning or something, or perhaps they could see you needed help so they gave you a lead…

            Oh yeah! Do you recall that Orion purchased Stark’s home to make room for a pharmacy?? Well maybe the Riviera was built so that nobody could find evidence in that place.. I think you should dig into whoever owns those pharmacies!

            • Purple*Rose

              Maybe amanda has a twin sister..just a theory but it would explain some things. Also am i the only one who notices that the person who wrote this isn’t a founder?

              • EllaMarie

                Yes. That woman does know something. That’s kind of obvious. Maybe you should try seeing if she has a name. So we don’t have to keep calling her that woman. Unless, you want me to give her a name myself. For now, I’m calling her Eliza. (Maybe her name really is Eliza!)

                As for Chloe, it might be a little hard to track down Chloe, since you don’t have her last name. And if Chloe is Amanda, she could’ve chose the name because she like it. Or maybe not.

                They’re way too many pharmacies in Orion. Couldn’t Orion just have one pharmacy? :D

                • BlueRoseGrey

                  you need to find this lady. She’s either the Lizard, or this Chloe is. Or Chloe knows who the lizard is.

                  Either way, you need to find her.

                  • Zylaar

                    ACH! no way.
                    That lady KNOWS SOMETHING.
                    The Lizard could be Amanda???? o.O
                    That lady is very suspicious…........... Hummmmm…
                    BAM!!! Got it!! She could have a twin!!! Then they’re not the same people!!
                    But maybe her twin knows more about Amanda? Maybe she’s helping her and, like, Amanda told her not to tell ANYONE and didn’t tell her about Hal, Callie n Nia so she just told them (subtly) to shove off. Issa possiblity.

                    • Zylaar

                      DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe SHE’S the lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      • Yelyah46

                        I’m just saying but, I’ve noticed that you guys have also seen that the person who wrote this is unknown. As we were talking about the lizard, perhaps the person who wrote ths is the lizard, trying to throw us off their tracks. Or, maybe Hal, Nia, or Callie was at a friends house and felt the urge to write an entry, but that wouldn’t be as fun. Another theory: the person who wrote this is the one who Amanda is hiding from… again, to throw off the scent. Who knows?

                        • pearlgirl

                          I have an idea. Okay, so if you haven’t read book three you’re about to see a spoiler. Could the lady be Robin, Amanda’s supposed guardian and sister? She might be trying to protect Amanda.

                          • pearlgirl

                            Oh, and perhaps win this lady is talking about Chloe, she’s hinting at a place to look. Somewhere that Amanda is hiding or hid something. So Hal, Nia, and Callie should look into places around Orion that pertain to something about Chloe.

                            • TheFrivolous

                              Amanda might have disguised herself as Chloe. Even though you said she looked unsure, i think she may have faked it. Maybe Amanda had introduced herself as Chloe? Of course telling Amanda’s would be a dead giveaway and let you guys have an easier lead.And so to cover up Amanda’s tracks, she just gave Chloe instead. The lady and Amanda must have had an agreement or another unknown history with each other.

                              • arvi777

                                I dont think that Amanda actually lived in the condo because “Cloe” had packet brochure things for the room. I know you remember what she looked like ((I think Callie was supposed to post this insted of Audry)) I would go back to the pharmacy, talk to the manager, and describe the woman to them & see what information you can get about her.

                                • Supernatural

                                  i no this has nothing to do with this post but i think heidi might be the lizard but even if shes not i think she or someone in her family ran over amandas mum went and attacked thornhill then heidi thought bea was amanda coz she was wearing her wig so went to run her over and then realised it was her then when they found out callie new they gave her the opportunitiny to get a face transplat or whatever that opperation was…

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