The Protector

by Hal Bennett on 05.27.2011

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This definitely needs to be looked into, says OMGitsDalia. Too weird.

We are still unsure, as SarahB brought up, if Steve was forced to leave against his will, or if he simply left. Cutedramatic took the book on Greek Mythology as the most neon of signs, and delcaty agreed, suggesting that Steve fled and left the bookmarked clue as a sign that he’s working with Amanda, that he's on our side. ThursdaysLove and AllieK took a different tack, exploring the connections between Greek Gods and constellations, since we know Amanda loves all things interstellar, and we are in Orion, of all places.

I agree that there are way too many clues to ignore, and I’ve spiraled into a kind of frenzied researching machine on all things Athena. Despite the incredible parallels between Athena and Amanda, there is one thing that especially makes my stomach drop:

Athena is the protector of cities.

Is Amanda protecting us? From what? And why? I’ve been spending the last few months holed up writing my book, and admit that I may be a little paranoid since things are getting pretty strange with the police investigating our school, and interrogating us, and that crazy document on Thornhill’s computer...

(If you read my first few chapters, you'll see what I mean...)


I really think this might be way bigger than the three of us. Don’t you?

27 responses

  1. AriannaAdore

    Everything is way bigger than you could ever imagine….
    And back to the mystery…... is there anyone at school bar Heidi who really hated Amanda….

    • Cutedramatic

      I think since Amanda moved around a lot..or so she says….she had 3 guides in each of the schools, did you guys ever talk about her previous can go there and talk to the people who were Amanda’s friends, and tell them that she’s MIA

      • madibee

        This is WAYYYY bigger….

        • LittleStar

          It Always Seems That When You Solve One Puzzle Theres Always A Bigger Puzzle!

          • eb55

            No, once you solve the puzzle you realize that the pieces just dont fit.
            Amanda are the pieces and we are the puzzle so lets make Amanda fit, shall we?

            Anyways, sorry i haven’t been on latley. :( ive missed my crazy TAP people!
            UGH! my “a” key makes an annoying sound whenever i press it!!!! its making me really mad


            Okay it doesn’t make that sound anymore.

            Um. yeah. *cough


            I think we all know amanda likes to play ‘dress up’ or likes to become someone shes not; ex: the wigs??
            Athena has the ability to change form to any object, human, or animal.
            She is also the godess of: wisdom, war, arts, and is the advisor of zues.

            So who is Amanda an advisor of?? if shes really playing the role of Athena, she needs her evil mastmind lol.

            BTW correct me if im worng though please. some of this is from memory and i also did a paper on her this year XD

            • Jester

              Well I typed in Athena the protector in google, and got ‘‘The Greek goddess Athena is usually portrayed as one of the most benevolent goddesses . . .strong, fair, and merciful.’‘
              Then I typed int Amanda the protector and got…Nothing. So I don’t really know what to do with that.
              But if Amanda is like Athena, and Athena is the protector of Cities, then what is Amanda’s city?

              • ZoeElise

                You say that Amanda loves all things interstellar, and maybe in a way this is a clue beneath a clue, if you think about it literally, the universe is bigger than life, bigger than we have the ability to think about, larger than life, isn’t Amanda like that? Larger than life

                • masquerade

                  What other cities do we know Amanda has visited? Maybe they will give a hint as to what she was protecting them from.

                  • AllieK

                    I agree that this mystery is a lot bigger than we think. We’re always discovering connections Amanda had to other people or places that we never thought about before, so it makes sense that it doesn’t just involve you, Callie, and Nia. 
                    Back to the mystery, it seems obvious to me that the city Amanda could be protecting is Orion.  She’s always trying to help out others.  She helped the three of you and got you guys to help other people too.  So it makes sense that she could be protecting a lot of people too. 
                    @eb55 I suppose we’ll have to find the person who could be Zeus and see if we can get information out of him.

                    • eb55

                      DAnnnnnnng. WE are deep, my friends, very deep.
                      And yeah who would be “zues”? Like I think we need to find our her secret loverrr? lol if she had one (proabbly lol)
                      protection… prtection…. protection… what is in the world could she be prtection us from??
                      o.0~~~ *LIGHT BULB!
                      Maybe shes protecting us from herself? Like she has a deep dark past and doesn’t want anyone to know, so thats why she made up the lies….
                      the light bulb defiantly just died.

                      Ive got to stop reading james patterson

                      • EllaMarie

                        I don’t really think Amanda has one specific city, but she’s probably protecting the world. Remember in the 1st book, Heidi said in a note, “Says she’s a citizen of the world. Totally full of herself.” When Callie questioned her, Amanda said something like, “I was born in this country.”

                        During the fashion week, I posted a drawing I made. I titled it ‘Amanda’s Key to the World.’

                        • Missparkles

                          LOL Eb xD What you’re saying makes sense.

                          Uhh…citIES…citIES. Plural. Amanda has been all over the world. I doubt that she’s protecting any ONE city. It’s definitely way bigger than just Orion, but there’s something special about your city that has made her create this mystery for you to follow. But…citIES. Maybe she’s not just protecting one city, but all cities. Like some sort of world protector.
                          She’s like those nomads in ancient history the ones who never stayed put for long. And everywhere they went they left sort of… a piece of themselves, which changed the places forever. Amanda is like that. So maybe, she’s leaving a piece of herself everywhere in the world, in all these cities, and in encouraging you to find her, she’s protecting us from the someone that may or may not be pursuing her. Maybe this whole thing is bigger than even _her_. You know what…I’m getting off topic now.

                          • Missparkles

                            LOLZ. Or yeah, what Ally said. xP

                            • NyteOfKamelot

                              I believe we all had a feeling that this was going to get bigger than a board game…
                              Anything could appear now, we all definitely need to expect the unexpected now.
                              You have all literally said what I was thinking.
                              I do agree with Cutedramatic, but we do need to do more than talk…
                              Amanda must be a bit of a Seer of the future. Has our fantasy cloaked us and disguised itself to well into that we believe in what we see and not what we read, write, draw, create?
                              Anything could happen now, and something is going to happen, possibly bad, and dangerous.

                              • raemcellen

                                what if amanda is not just leaving clues in orion? what if she is leaving clues everywhere she has been, and she will lead everyone to the same place: where she is?  also there is a constellation called lacerta, the lizard.  everyone’s totem is a constellation but hal’s, the cougar… weird.

                                • BlueRoseGrey

                                  This is definitely curious. I agree, though…. Amanda has obviously impacted many more than we originally thought.

                                  I mean, we thought she only impacted us… but there’s everyone else from Orion that we’ve discovered are linked to Amanda in some way.

                                  I guess… in away, she’s brought everyone together.

                                  Athena is the protector of cities… so what is Amanda protecting us from?

                                  • OMGitsDalia

                                    Thanks for the mention! Wooo my first mention ever *pops bottle*.

                                    ANNNNYWAY. So, Amanda must be protecting the city of Orion in some way. But, as you guys have mention, from what? And, if she IS protecting us from something, why must she run away and leave clues for us behind to figure this all out?
                                    I don’t know, but we have to think what could possibly make her protect Orion that makes her have to hide or something like that. Hmm.

                                    • Blushie7

                                      your ideas are all great and deep and very interllectual(i know i cant spell sorry md)
                                      i pretty much agree with all of you but how are we gonna find out if any of its true i mean we need a place or a person to go to to either help or confirm are ideas?

                                      *pushes glass towards OMGitsDalia* i will celebrate with ya CONGRATS!!!! :))))

                                      • Everlasting

                                        I know I’m meant to be gone. This is my last comment for now.

                                        I can’t believe this has never been brought up before! It was right under our noses! Amanda has helped us all in many ways. There must be others who are looking for her. They might be finding clues we have missed. The world is a big place. Think about how many people amanda has helped. They could be anywhere. We have to realise that its not just us looking for amanda.  Wherever she is now I’m sure she is changing someones life. Just like she changed ours. Try to find other people who are looking for amanda. They might no things you don’t and if you find them who knows what you could pull off. They will know connections to Amanda. Together you might be able to find her sooner than you think.

                                        • nucamac

                                          she looves all things interstelualar(? on spelling) she must be an alien!! haha just kidding but as @zoeelise said it might be a clue like maybe it means something to the affect that she is really immortal (like a godess) and was around when the first traveled to the moon and she got to go so now maybe she is obssed with things like that.  also for the protector of the citties maybe she really is the protector of Washington or whatever state Orion is i cant remember and i dont have my boook so i guessed.  she might have been in Washington (or where ever Orion is) her whole life and no one ever noticed her. also maybe she used a fake name.

                                          • NyteOfKamelot

                                            Beautifully said everyone .
                                            I knew I would still be living. Welcome back Silent xx

                                            I do agree with Miss Seas’ in depth comment. I can’t imagine how many other people may or “may not” know her.

                                            • Everlasting

                                              jayd I’m not back I just wanted to comment on our stories. I’ll be back friday. sorry! :(

                                              • Mary-Dee

                                                I’m probably wrong, but I haven’t really been focusing on this Our Story, but… what about physical resemblance? Does Amanda look anything like what Athena supposedly looked like? Could that lead anywhere?

                                                I personally doubt there’s any fantastical connection here; in my opinion, it’s most likely a metaphor of some sort… but everyone else seems to be way ahead of me on that idea :P.

                                                • ZoeElise

                                                  I just felt like I should say that Hal, Nia, and Callie aren’t alone, we are here too ;D


                                                  also maybe its a good psychological thing Amanda has, maybe she feels like she is everyones protector and has taken that upon herself by caring for each one of us in turn?


                                                  (i’m not saying she’s crazy or insane, don’t take it that way, I’m saying she is giftd and caring)

                                                  • Mary-Dee

                                                    Agreed, ZoeE. And perhaps… that’s an idea.

                                                    *ish stuck* This is confusing, to say the least….

                                                    • ZoeElise

                                                      talk about it

                                                      • Yarrow

                                                        Allright, I was digging around, and I found this.
                                                        Callista is like Callisto, the Ursa Major. In the Myth, Callisto was transformed into a bear by Hestia, the highest ranking female goddess. (HEidi anyone?) and Athena is also in the GReek mythology/constellations stuff.

                                                        Amanda is getting us wrapped up in not only the mysteries of today, but of the past.

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