The Secret Room: Part 1

by Nia Rivera on 06.05.2009

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Hi – it’s Nia. 

We wanted to update you on Slimester's supposed stash behind the bunkers. Before we could solve the mystery of what was behind the bunkers, we had to solve the mystery of where to find the bunkers. When Hal offered to check it out, he realized that he didn’t have a clue where the bunkers actually are. I talked to my brother Cisco – who, I hate to admit, is one of the coolest kids in school – because he knows just about everyone and everything at Endeavor. Lucky for us, he knows just about everywhere, too. 

Cisco’s directions were a little confusing, so I decided to go with Hal. We met up behind the track fields, where these bunkers are, once it was safely dark. Unfortunately the search was fruitless and we found nothing of the secret note variety. Just a bunch of old sports equipment – deflated basketballs, torn volleyball nets, the old Spirit mascot uniform. Useless junk the janitor has stashed away that a saner person would have tossed. 

I had to get home fast or risk parental detection, so I was forced to leave. Hal forgot a book in his locker, though. So now I will hand it over to him to tell the rest: 

“I don’t know how I got to where I got, but I ended up somewhere on the northeast side of the building, close to band hall. It was the only door I could find that was unlocked. The school was deserted at this point so when I heard footsteps coming, I kind of panicked and dropped my house keys. It was just Principle Singh. (Under normal circumstances, I would never say “just” Principle Singh. She’s enough to rattle anyone’s cage. But since I was expecting Amanda or Slimester Stan or even an axe-wielding murderer at this point, “just” seems appropriate.) I dodged out of sight quick enough that she didn’t see me. After she was gone, I got down on the floor and looked for my keys. I couldn’t find them at first. I searched and searched. But then I saw it – a mysterious small door, about 2 ½ feet tall with a glass doorknob, buried behind a small forest of fake ficuses. I didn’t notice it at first because it blends into the wall so incredibly well. I went to open it and miraculously, the doorknob turned. I opened it and then debated whether or not I should go in. All I could see was darkness. I’m game for investigating, but before I do, I wanted to ask around and see what people knew. Given that it was buried away and someone’s obviously trying to protect it, I think we should gather all the information we can.” 

It’s me again – Nia. In all the time we’ve been at Endeavor, neither Callie, Hal nor I have ever seen this hidden door. 

Have you? Does anyone know anything about it?

36 responses

  1. AwesomeAnna93

    A door? Nope I’ve never seen it…. So weirdd..

    • urban_hippie

      Where is this? I’ve never seen this. EVER.

      • kayleigh

        I saw it once. myself and a friend were playing frisbe and it thanded in those exact bushes. I thought it was just one of those that cotains valves to keep our schools sewer or water going. Now that I know about these bunkers Im more curious.

        • stef_stone

          I haven’t ever seen it before! You should investigate it….

          • Gracie_Hayes

            I’ve heard about a legend like this from one of the seniors who graduated last year. She told me there was a secret door that allowed students to sneak in and outside of the school without being detected so they could leave campus for lunch. She had never seen it, but she had looked for it, and heard about it.

            • stef_stone

              I don’t think that that is the door. This door is only 2 1/2 feet tall, people could never fit through that! Good thought, though.

              • Gracie_Hayes

                I don’t know, its just a legend, but people could very easily crawl out of it. Its still a possibly.

                • stef_stone

                  I would think that something would be hidden in it, rather then it being a passageway.

                  • aGirlLikeMe

                    I’ve never seen it, either. :(

                    • kimberly

                      I’ve never seen it myself, but I heard some people (the “druggies”) talking about it and how it “leads to a goblin market” I think that they had just read the book: Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles De Lint, which does infact have fairies and goblins in it, but they live secretly in our world….you never know though.

                      • Kewpie83

                        Sorry I haven’t been on recently, guys, but final exam’s pretty much killed my social life.  Oh, how I love teachers.  :-(

                        Anyway, I’m just catching up.  I’ve never seen the door before, but it reminds me of a picture I saw in the art room.  I swear it had some sort of ficus or something and a door with a glass handle.  I remember it so well because I had a conversation with Amanda about it once.  She kept going on about the details of the door, the [removed] especially.  I thought it was nothing more than an art review, but I’m starting to think everything had a hidden meaning with Amanda.

                        • Kewpie83

                          My post was edited, since’s it’s harmless, I’ll write again—it should read ‘the kept going on about the details of the door, the doorknob especially’.

                          • theresaax2

                            Yeah, I saw that picture too in the art room! Yeah I remember Amanda would always look at it. I just ignored it because she was so strange. I figured liking a picture of a door was just her. Maybe try to find that picture?

                            • elc2010

                              I’ve never seen the door but I remember seeing the painting when I was in the art room. Which is odd because I don’t have art as a class. I was in there looking for Amanda when I saw it.

                              • RandomInRed

                                Iv’e never seen it myself, but iv’e herd people talking about it, checking it out would be a good idea.

                                • Rosie

                                  A 2-and-a-half-foot door??? Where there any dwarves in it? an elf?? I mean Really! Are you sure Hal didn’t hit his head while searching for his keys after seeing the painting of it?? I may just be having a realist-moment here, but am I the only one who thinks this is WAAAY too odd???

                                  • AwesomeAnna93


                                    we know that the door is real because they’ve been inside the room already.

                                    • Lizziex25

                                      i dont know about it but look on the [removed]. what is that red stuff? Blood? paint?

                                      • Serenity

                                        I’ve never seen the door but it reminds me of alice in wonderland. Maybe something is hidden in there. Something no one was supposed to know about.

                                        • Rachaelemily

                                          I’ve seen the ficuses but never a door, well hidden, whos going to think to move ficuses

                                          • tiffany923

                                            after i read this, i went to look for the door. i found it, but there were a bunch of people around and i had already spent 2 much time “looking 4 my earring” that i didn’t bother opening it. i got a pass from my french teacher the next day to “go to the bathroom” and found the door again. this time, it was locked. if u go snooping, remember 2 not leave evidence. i hope no one figured out we were there! i also saw the painting in art (hate that class, but it’s an easy A and is proving 2 be pretty useful in the case) and thought it was cool but really didn’t think about the fact that amanda was always staring at it until now. i guess amanda is never “just because”. there’s always a possible reason!

                                            • littlebit478

                                              the door? yea ive seen it. twice. im kinda a klutz and when i droped my sketch pencles on the floor i saw it. a small door with a glass handel. i tryed to open it but it was locked. i asked amanda if maybe she had a key in her colection that may fit but she told me

                                              “some times the smalest thimgs have the biggest meaning, but some times its just another little thing.its up to u to decide.”

                                              what does thet mean?

                                              • Milana

                                                Sometimes, small details can answer a mystery, but other times, it’s nothing.  You choose.  Amanda said the same thing to me, and that’s how I interpret that.
                                                I was in the art room with Amanda, and I overheard Kewpie83 and Amanda talking about it (sorry!).  Yeah, it does sound like a mystery.

                                                • Nicolla

                                                  Me and my friend once saw the door, we were playing detectives(stupidly) and decided to do commando rolls into some bushes, my friend went first and banged her head on the door, and we were both really curious, and then Heidi Bragg came up behind us so we had to stop looking cause otherwise she would have laughed at us, like she would.Callie, here is my advice: sorry to say, but the I-girls were all sorta spoilt and girly, and I think that Nia and Hal are better friends then them, because they let you say your opinion.

                                                  • myonlooker45

                                                    sorry i’ve never heard of a door being there, but i think you should investigate anyway.

                                                    • Pookie

                                                      I think I’ve seen that door I just don’t remember when

                                                      • deerestfrand7

                                                        Wow this is really interesting… i just strted the book and like it is like nothing i have ever even seen before! i mean its almost like REALL!!! sooo cool…i’m gonna read on definately!!!! .... oh and no…idk anyting bout the door.

                                                        • Sarah1214

                                                          Oh my gosh!  Yeah!  Well, I haven’t seen it, but it’s like a little rumor going around band.  It’s not like a rumor many people take seriously; it’s more like one person saw it (or their cousin saw it), and then like a game of Telephone it just kind of spread.  At this point it’s all really unrealistic talk.  Various rumors.  The trumpet section insists that that it’s where Slimster Stan hides the bodies of the little creatures (and occasionally students) he disects for fun.  The clarinets?  Well, they’re all for the ‘pipes’ theory.  But why would a door that hides pipes have a glass door handle with a little bit of red paint on it?  Personally, I think it’s a little compartment that was left empty when the school was built, and someone decided to make it their own and put a handle on the door.  Knowing Amanda, I wouldn’t be surprised if she hid something there (she seems to know about all the cool spots for only being in town a few months).  Still, definitely worth checking out - IN DAYLIGHT.  ^.^

                                                          • Laniegirl

                                                            hey, um, i just joined this because i really like solving mysteries and i thought this would be “fun”, heck, i dont even know amanda! but now i feel like somehow i know her from reading what you guys have written, and i really want to help you guys find her/where she went. can you just kinda fill me in on her and what happened and stuff like that, i would really appreciate that. i promise, i really want to help you guys.

                                                            • Pipper

                                                              I agree with Nicolla, every bit of it, even the bit about Heidi. Anyway, Last term I did a student exchange program with Enduevor, and It was me with Nicolla, The nxt week we went back there and opened the door, we had to shut it again coz guesss who was right behind us? Heidi. GGRRRRRRRRR, so we closed it and said we had tripped over the bushes, again. We saw only little, but there was something flashing in there

                                                              • justine

                                                                Ok, this is REALLY starting to freak me out! I have so much questions:

                                                                Are you all real?

                                                                Are Hal, Nia and Callie real, too?

                                                                Is Amanda real?

                                                                (If yes) Did she really disappear?

                                                                Do you all go to Orion’s high school (I forgot the name of it) ?

                                                                Did you all see Amanda at least once?

                                                                Is Amanda really in danger?

                                                                PLEASE ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS CAUSE THIS IS REALLY WEIRD!!!

                                                                • Ralyat

                                                                  Okay, Justine, this is just a book.You pretend you are in it.Amanda isn’t a real person,well, THIS amanda isn’t.Amanda is only in danger in the book.Hal,Nia,and Callie are all characters in the book.People other than them pretend like they go to Orion high.
                                                                      Anyways,I have heard about and seen the door.Some senoir told me about it and how it’s a secret tunnel to places around the school,as well as outside.Slimester knows about it and the senoir that told me this stuff said that one of her friends saw him go behind the bushes and come out an hour later..
                                                                      I saw it one was after the senoir told me about it,like a month after, and I didnt think about it too much.I was riding my bike and i ran over a rock and lost control.I ended up face to ‘face’ with this keyhole.the handle was small, but i still tried to open was locked so i was about to try to pick it when slimester found me and told me to scram.He is hiding something and Im determined to find out what because i think he has plays only a small but important role in amanda’s mysterious disappearance….

                                                                  • A.Leanne.

                                                                    Alright kids, as an adult I’m going to have to ask you to stop snooping around. Obviously there are many OLDER and WISER adults on the scene of Amanda’s disappearance. WE will find her. You need to focus on more teenager things, not solving crimes.

                                                                    • kiweeluvr

                                                                      i bet its how amanda got in and out of school when she just got up out of her classes and left… shes sneaky so she must know about it…!

                                                                      • Basil_H.

                                                                        The [removed] reminds me of of mine from a game/story I did with my cousins. 2 1/2 feet is what- the size of an air vent? So why is a fully established door with glass handle reserved for Mission Impossible types? These days most small doors aren’t that proper. I think the pain looks more purple than red, and Amanda is an artist, so there are one to all reasons why she might have dripped paint (or almost anyone, really).  I might have seen a door somewhere… Did Hal ever find his keys? Ms. Leanne- who said “crime[s]”? That changes things.

                                                                        • Basil_H.

                                                                          Oh- also, check out “Chasing Vermeer” by Blue Balliett, anyone who wants. This door reminded me of it.

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