The Way He Looks Now

by Callie Leary on 02.03.2012

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 It’s a strange feeling to suspect that your school, as an institution, is up to no good.  But Rye2411 and I are having similar thoughts about the integrity of Endeavor’s administration. But maybe we are wrong; maybe Endeavor is a victim, like Thornhill or Fitzgerald.  Whoever the enemy is, we should listen to 15DaysOfSumer and be very careful about who we let into our world full of Amanda secrets.  The wrong information in the wrong hands can be a recipe for disaster, or worse.

We went to the next logical place, the Orion fire department. Orion is a sleepy town when it comes to flaming buildings, the fire fighters are more famous of getting cats down from trees than extinguishing deathly, spreading flames. Fittingly, when we walked into the station, they were all in their rubber boots and suspender pants playing poker around a table.  There was a Dalmatian dog, old and too tired to acknowledge us,  asleep underneath the table.

“Hey kids, what can I do for ya?” one of them asked barely taking his eyes off his hand of cards.

“Um,” I started but then realized that I had nothing to say.  Um, we think that your fire department is corrupt and may be working for some serious evil-doers who are responsible for the disappearance of our friend.  A little too forward, I think.

Luckily I was interrupted by an eruption at the table. One of the younger men had one the game and was wrapping both arms around the chips that were piled in the center of the table. He gloated, unsure of himself still.  “Watch it, Rookie, or we’ll make you clean the bathrooms again,” laughed our guy who was interested in us again. “I’m sorry, what was it you needed?”

Nia jumped in to save my bumbling drivel.  “We are writing an article for the Endeavor High Newspaper.  We just wanted to take a look around if that’s alright with you.”  He told us “of course” and sent us on our way with a wave of his hand, glad to get back to the heckling of his co-workers.

We walked around and it was Hal who spotted the wall of photographs.  Every year was documented with a group photo in front of the station.  “Look, this was the year of Fitzgerald’s attack.” We looked at the photo.  “Is that Stark Craven?”  We all squinted a little closer.  It looked like he was the chief.  “That’s impossible, he was in high school and this guy looks exactly like he looks now.”

“Exactly the way he looks now,” Nia leaned in closer and the mysterious man in the photo smiled back.


Eerie or what? How can this guy be in two places at the same time? What’s going on here?

32 responses

  1. Faith

    Hm… For once, I’m out of ideas.

    It could probably be one of Stark’s ancestors, although that’s just a guess. Maybe he was the one who was after whatever was hidden in the school.

    • EllaMarie

      It could be one of Stark’s ancestors… or maybe he went back in time?

      • marycaulf

        Yes! Eerie! He’s like a ghost!

        • AngelOfMusic

          Maybe Stark has a special elixer like on that show House of Anubis. Or the year was wrong on the photograph. :)

          • AllieK

            Could be that the year was wrong like ManiacGirl said. Its more likely thought that it was Star Craven’s dad or some other relative.  Maybe this guy led the team that searched the school.

            • 2q2q1

              PLASTIC SURGERY !!!!!

              • MissMagali

                Well you know how they say to look at a girl’s mother to see what she’ll look like when she’s aged? Maybe that’s the same for Stark and his father. He could have received mostly recessive alleles for traits from his mother, and mostly dominant alleles from his father, resulting in him looking almost “clonish”.
                Also, assuming the photo was a bit old, the quality might not have been too great, so it could look a lot Stark, but in higher resolution you could probably pick out a few differences between present Stark and the look-alike.
                Maybe figure out from what year the photo was taken and search up who was the fire chief for that year. You’ll get a name and can go from there to see who exactly he is and what his relation is (if any) with Stark.
                I wouldn’t ask the fire department guys, because if they are working for the bad guys, you don’t want to give them any indication you may be even the slightest on to them.
                I wish you guys luck on trying to figure out this little mystery. Pretty interesting and question-provoking.

                • vincesgirl14

                  i am also going to say that it is an ancestor.

                  • Rye2411

                    Well, it seems as if this is the tie between Endeavor and the Fire Department.

                    I have a feeling that the man who looked suspiciously a lot like Stark was his father (look @MissMagali’s scientific-ish explanation of how this is possible).
                    If the man looks a lot like how Stark currently looks, then it probably is his father. However, there is always the possibility that this man was his brother. My friend looks a lot like her brother and sisters (even though she doesn’t believe it) so it could be the same case for the Cravens.
                    I highly doubt that this is Stark himself.

                    Is it possible that Stark pulled the fire alarms to bring his brother/father in? Perhaps, whenever he thought he found something? Maybe in Fitzgerald’s office since Fitzgerald must have been away during the “drills”?
                    I feel as if these two “Starks” were tag-teaming and had planned the “drills” together. Only question is…why?

                    • Rye2411

                      Oh, and @vengefulocean’s theory on the “Unscheduled, Unplanned, Unannounced” page has really captured my interest. I believe she’s right about both attacks occurring when Stark was (and was supposed to be) around. Hmm…

                      • Rye2411

                        Oops! If “she” is a “she”.

                        • Beauty

                          I agree with the brotherly thing, wasn’t there some tension between the cravens and Louise? Maybe the bro and her were dating!!! See if the ages are close to match up between the two and then see if any of the fire dates were when Louise was there. She might have helped too and is regreting it!!! Hope I could help!!-with love, beauty

                          • Everlasting

                            I know this may sound crazy. But I think that the impossible is working against us. Let’s face us the word impossible is two letter too long. Who knows what could be going on right under our noses… it makes you think. What if we have been believing in the impossible. I know I do not always make much sense, but just think about it. I have never trusted Stark Craven. From the beginning. Don’t you remember when you met him, you were looking for the stars. Stark Craven sounds an awful lot like Star Craving. I think he’s got something up his sleeve, you are going to have to be very sly.

                            This is one option, or maybe you could try to convince yourselves that he doesn’t a lot. But if I know you guys well enough, you’ll be up for the challenge. :)

                            I’m reading these again after about… lets just say a long time! I missed the mystery…

                            Poem idea!!!!!

                            • queenchuki

                              I know that this sounds crazy, but the theory of @Rye2411 makes sense! Also, maybe we were looking at the problem from the wrong point of view! It’s like, the fire drills were made to make it look like they were “searching” for something, but actually, something else is being done! Like perhaps hiding something in the school, or something else?

                              • BlueRoseGrey

                                i have to say that this is probably a father-son situation. :I Or hey, maybe Stark had a twin brother or something?

                                Then again, there’s always plastic surgery, as noted above… This is just weird, though. You guys should ask around the department about that picture!

                                • arvi777

                                  Okay, so now ANOTHER piece to the puzzle, but whats bothering me is that there are so many different things they could be doing;
                                  1) looking for something
                                  2) meeting someone
                                  3) hidding something
                                  4) doing the Macarena on tabletops,
                                  you just dont know! Callie, Hal, Nia: if theres a fire drill, STAY INSIDE, find out what it is exactly theyre doing!

                                  • Niv

                                    I think that the firefighters came in to hide stuff, like microphones to listen in to conversations. Especially in the Principal’s office.
                                    Maybe they wanted to check his laptop to find the c-33 program list.
                                    maybe the principal was on to something so they shut him up and went to destroy whatever evidence he had found. And this SC guy was the one who tipped the Officials, who disguised themselves as firefighters to raid his office.
                                    And SC’s appearnce being the same can be explained if he is working with Dr. Joy. Because in Shattered, Callies’s bleeding hand magically healed itself when she went into the room. So SC must have been in contact with the Officials since then, resulting in his younger appearance.

                                    • queenchuki

                                      I like your idea a lot Niv! I read Shattered too, and your idea seems likely.. Maybe Stark Craven has a grudge or feels like he needs to “repay” something by harming the principals???

                                      • ZoeElise

                                        Wasn’t Fitzgeralds attacked this year? Or has my hiatus from TAP messed me up?

                                        Cause if it was this year, maybe he just graduated? He wouldn’t have looked different, or as others have mentioned father/son.
                                        It is possible that Stark has a twin brother, but Stark failed a grade and stayed back in school while his twin moved on? (Identical twin)

                                        • darkangelxoxo

                                          WOW… now that’s just creepy…but i guess the guy may have a twin brother or maybe a younger brother that looks like him ...or i don’t know he’s a vampire!!!

                                          • Supernatural

                                            have you ever seen house of anubis because in that there is an elixier of life and its said that egyptians spend a lot of time looking for it so they can become immortal but it wasnt that simple because though the elixier itself can slow down the ageing to become immortal you had to drink it from the cup of ahnk

                                            • AngelOfMusic

                                              THAT’S WHAT I SAID! :O

                                              • Supernatural

                                                hehehe lol im watching it right now im the no1 fan u can ask anything on season 1 and i’ll get it 100% right xx

                                                • AngelOfMusic

                                                  I’m done both seasons. Will there be another?

                                                  • Supernatural

                                                    im in the middle of watching season 2 and yes season 3 has been confirmed but nathalia (nina) and rodger (rufus) will not be returning :(

                                                    • AngelOfMusic

                                                      How are they gonna have that without Nina?

                                                      • Supernatural

                                                        there either are getting someone to replace her or not having nina at all xx

                                                        • AngelOfMusic

                                                          But she’s the main character!

                                                          • Supernatural

                                                            i know right! do u no how this story kinda ties in wiv hoa well im like nina of that and nia from this book and ive just realised this entry was posted on my birthday, my 13th birthday how wierd….

                                                            • AngelOfMusic

                                                              Whoa…. That’s creepy. And we should probably continue this conversation elsewhere, because we are filling all of these people’s notifications..

                                                              • Supernatural

                                                                yeah why dont we talk on my zine page :) xx

                                                                • AngelOfMusic

                                                                  Or your post where we already had another conversation going :)

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