Ticky Tacky Little Boxes

by Callie Leary on 02.24.2012

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Okay, so we know that this was no coincidence, like Rye2411 says, this was a deliberate move, a message.  But is it a hopeful message from Amanda’s side? Or could it be a threat or a warning from the Stark side?  Or maybe Stark is not on the bad side; queenchuki seems to think that he and his family are in the same boat as Amanda.

Oh my! Too many things to consider. Let’s focus on what or where to look next.

Thinking about this as logically as Faith , if they are moving, where are they moving and why? Maybe EllaMarie  is right and they are moving in order to not be found, disappearing the same way Amanda did. 

We were feeling a little bit bewildered, so we decided to confront Louise again about her relationship with Stark… I mean Stephen. We didn’t expect to get any more answers out of her than we already had, she seems to be a brick wall sometimes, but we were desperate.

When we go there, we were surprised to find that the store was closed.  We walked around back to see if  the back door was open (sometimes Louise closes the store and hides out back to think).  That door was closed also, but we were able to look through the window a little bit and saw something pretty interesting:

In the room where Louise unpacks her new inventory were stacks of moving boxes identical to the one that was nearly thrown at us on the street. On the sides of the boxes were addresses but they were too far away to read.

This isn’t the first time someone’s possessions have ended up at Play It Again Sam’s.  What could this mean?

12 responses

  1. EllaMarie

    It probably means someone left those boxes there. You should come back another day to talk to Louise. (And look at those addresses.)

    • Faith

      Well, after Amanda disappeared, her possessions went to Play it Again Sam. Stark/Stephan could be trying to disappear too.

      Ella might be right about them trying to not be found. Maybe they were somehow alerted you were onto them, they have a REALLY big secret, or they are being hunted just like Amanda.

      You might be able to find what those addresses were, also like Ella said. Try to go there, and see if you could get any clues. Or just drill the nuts down until they crack. Whatever it is, they HAVE to be hiding SOMETHING. But we don’t know if it’s good or not.

      • AllieK

        I agree that this family could be being hunted just like Amanda is.
        It makes sense that the rest of Stark’s possessions could have gone to Play it Again Sam’s.  ut I also had an idea that maybe Louise was the one who drove the moving van and left that one box on the street? Just an idea
        It could also be that those boxes are from other families that are trying to dissappear.  Maybe its not just Amanda and Stark’s family.

        • queenchuki

          I agree with AllieK. Those boxes are _probably_ from other families that are trying to disappear. Exactly like Amanda…

          Did anyone think that Amanda _might_ have a family, who may be looking for her?? Maybe Amanda herself doesn’t know that she has one, which is why she’s by herself..

          And does anyone remember the list that Hal got in the Vice-Principal’s office? The one that has a lot of names.. Well maybe those are the families being hunted..

          • anushkas10

            This is really confusing!!! I dont get why and from who is Amanda getting these messages dilivered… hmmm :/

            • BlueRoseGrey

              Okay, that is just too weird. I totally think that the Stark family is in the same boat as Amanda’s now…

              although that begs the question… why is he still showing up everywhere? And why did he seem like the bad guy for awhile? Also… does the Stark family know Amanda personally? They may have some clues as to where Amanda is.

              • 15DaysOfSumer

                I hate to even think about it, Louise seems really trustworthy, but maybe she’s working with them…? Maybe she was the one driving the van. The Stark family (who I for one definitely think are bad, why else would they try and cover up evidence of the picture?) and her may be working together, and that’s why she’s always so secretive giving you answers. She probably kept Play It Again Sam closed so you wouldn’t see the boxes.

                I also agree with queenchuki. If there are so many boxes, how could all of them JUST be for you? Maybe they are evidence that the Stark family and Louise are trying to give to people who are hunting for Amanda, like you, so you will stop investigating. But they also could be going to other families who have lost members. Those MISSING signs in the news paper may be more than they seem.

                • 15DaysOfSumer

                  But on second thought, the Starks MAY be related to Amanda in some way. The box might not have been dropped off on accident. Maybe whoever is against Amanda was driving the van, and delivering the boxes to Louise? If that’s the case though, there’s still the possobility that Louise is bad. The Starks might just be on the run and Louise is keeping their stuff for them, but how logical is that? Why would the Starks be on the run? Maybe the people against Amanda knew the Starks had connections with her, so they kidnapped them and hid all of their stuff at Play It Again Sam, to make sure there was no evidence. Maybe you should contact the Starks, find out where they live, if their still there. If you CAN locate them, you shouldn’t question them just yet. You need to know more about what’s going on.

                  • queenchuki

                    I actually agree with 15DaysOfSummer, about the part that the Starks are on the run and that Louise are keeping their stuff.. I mean, Louise did it for Amanda right?

                    Another thing I’ve been thinking about is that maybe someone against Amanda has already kidnapped an ally of hers ( Callie’s mom ??) It isn’t very logical, but then again, there’s not much logic when it comes to Amanda..

                    • Rye2411

                      Things just keep on getting more and more complicated each day. Similarily to how a spider constructs it’s web. It starts out quite simply but it ends up as one, big, intricate design - which an innocent fly will never escape from until it eventually falls apart at the seams.
                      Are we the flies? Are we the innocent ones tangled within Amanda’s web. Is it a web of lies or truth?

                      What could possibly be the reason for Stark’s things to end up at “Play It Again, Sam”?
                      Perhaps Faith and EllaMarie are right, Stark may be trying to disappear just like Amanda did. Perhaps they have been alerted to your findings and now wish to vanish into thin air.
                      Now I’m really starting to wonder if they truly are against Amanda or for her. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

                      Now, what really gets me is the fact that Louise and Stark may have known one another in high school. Therefore, she may have known a little something about Stark and perhaps they conversed before he - or whoever - gave the boxes to her. There is always the possiblity that she knows why Stark disappeared.

                      I do believe that you guys should question Louise on her relationship with Stark since this could actually help quite a bit.
                      I also agree that you should try to find out the boxes adresses and should check to see whether the boxes are adressing where they came from or where they are being sent to.
                      Either of these brings us one step closer to finding Amanda.

                      • queenchuki

                        What if the people in Orion are divided: one side are Amanda’s allies, the other side are her enemies.. Then that could mean that they should trust nobody!

                        In Shattered, it says that there are “scientists” in Orion.. Umm.. Enemy alert much?? Thats pretty much all I’ve got now…

                        • Supernatural

                          For all u no louise might be one of the bad guys just acting innocent, what about if she knows everything and she’s lowering you into a trap just waiting to strike at the right moment. Can I just ask is the amanda project real because I’m kinda freaking out I’m gonna post this on the zine though its not a story but I need help, IMMEDIANTLY!!!! I’ve been having visions ever since the third amanda project book came and then most of the things I read came true I can say thing and they’ll happen, I know what people will say before they say it I can think of things and they’ll happen I close my eyes and floods of images pour into my mind only for them to happen in the next week or 2 at first I was freaked out but I’m kinda use to it and I want to make them stronger but don’t know how, I’d be greatful for your help. I am a average girl but if u want to know about my life read about nia in the 3rd book of TAP and there’s the description of me my life and my family, NO JOKE! Creepy hu well if your gonna help me you’ll have to get use to it ;) thanx for reading this and I hope at least one of u will help xx

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