Venn Diagram of Amanda

by Hal Bennett on 04.06.2012

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        I closed my eyes and tried to imagine where she bought it. An old bookshop? A random yard sale? EBay? But for some reason I pictured a small antique shop that sold knickknacks as well as books, and a tiny frail man that worked the front desk, ringing up orders using a calculator and a notepad, rather than a cash register or a credit card scanner like everybody else.

In my mind’s eye, I could see this man just handing the book to Amanda without so much as a bag, despite its value. I was even able to picture the book earlier in its history: being passed around a group of girls, all dressed the same in their 1960s plaid bib jumpers, as though maybe at a prep school.

        I opened my eyes, my brain whirling with questions. Those visions had been so intense…so specific. “This is all too peculiar.” I sighed.

Nia seemed shocked at Primaplus’s theory about her vivid descriptions.  I don’t think that she is ready to admit it, but I kinda believe that it is true. If Amanda is the keeper of important things, the way 
queenchuki has put it, then what are we? Her seers? Does the answer sit in the knowledge of our totems the way BlueRoseGrey thinks?

Anyway, with school work piling up and the reality of Amanda as confusing as ever, my brain began to panic with confusion and whenever that happens, I need to run.

I started my jog from my house and up Crabapple Hill like any other day. I used to do this run all the time, before this crazy mystery took over my life. Anyway, everything I seemed to run past reminded me of Amanda.  The movie theater, Play It Again Sam’s, The Reservoir, The Arcade, Just Desserts…. Orion is riddled with memories of Amanda.

I made it up Crabapple Hill with some trouble.  Apparently, running is something you have to work at and practice, weird, right? (note of sarcasm, folks!) Anyway, even Crapapple hill has memories of Amanda, the time she told me about how the universe hums in G minor, the time Callie, NIa and I met there at midnight to talk about Bea, Amanda climbing trees with flowers in her hair.  So many memories.

And that’s when I saw it.  Carved into a tree.  “Where are you Amanda Valentino?”

Does anyone else remember this scribbled in the bathroom? Do you think we are not alone in our quest?

13 responses

  1. Faith

    Yes, I vaguely remember those words. You guys are definately not alone.

    Remember where you each got your tattoos? How someone else got a lizard? Maybe it’s that person. It could be possible. (If you don’t know who the lizard is, of course. I didn’t read all the books yet) Obviously, the lizard knew Amanda too. Could it be that that person is looking for her too? Maybe Amanda has been leaving clues for all of you. She might be planning on you guys meeting, since she chose you four as the guides. Or maybe, the lizard could be someone you already know, but you guys just didn’t realize that that person was the lizard yet.

    It’s also possible it was someone else. What about the person that was helping Amanda spray paint the car? (Sorry if you figured out who this was too. Like I said, way behind on books. I seem to remember that you guys thought it was Louise who did it with Amanda… But I’m not sure. Anyways, it could’ve been Louise too, considering how Amanda laid clues pointing to her also)

    Stark? Well, he mysteriously disappeared. That itself is proof that he is somehow also connected with Amanda.

    Or we could also use the possibility that it was more than one person. People you don’t know? Or could it be Stark AND Louise? Or… I’m not going to mention all the possibilities, or I’ll be here all day. The point is, you aren’t alone.

    • marycaulf

      I don’t know!!

      • AllieK

        I like Faith’s theory that the person writing those messages could be the lizard.  Or it could be someone else who could be a strong ally.  I haven’t read the third book yet, so IDK how much progress you made on this, but you should definitely try to find the lizard if you haven’t already started.

        • arvi777

          WHAT IF the lizard already knows about you guys? As in knows that you three are her other guides, but he/she is CHOOSING to work alone?

          I mean think about it, theres obviously another person looking for Amanda, whether its “the lizard” or not, but after ALL this time hasnt contacted you guys or asked if you’ve gotten any clues?? You guys would be the FIRST people to ask, since you were the ones who got in trouble for Thornhill’s car, because even HE knew that you three were close to her!!

          (P.S, hadn’t there been speculation that Bea was the lizard…..?)

          • BlueRoseGrey

            I agree with the idea of the lizard being reintroduced into the mix. I think you guys need to sit down and pull together all that has happened lately, and who was involved. Then, once you have that list of people who were specifically involved with Amanda, dole out the ones who knew eachother, who have specific connections. Then perhaps you can figure out who the lizard is, and/or the person who wrote that on the tree.

            • Purple*Rose

              is there any special order we discovered these clue, maybe there’s a pattern in location, aside from the constellation.

              • queenchuki

                Well, just to tell you guys, I THINK I know who wrote that… She was mentioned in Book 3, but anyway, yeah, you are NOT alone in finding Amanda, because who would’ve written that note in the bathroom , or carved it on a tree?? Surely, it should be someone who is looking for Amanda with (hopefully) good intentions..

                I hope none of you don’t mind spoilers, but if you do, don’t read this, but anyways:
                I think that the lizard, isn’t really a lizard… Maybe a chameleon, or something like that?? And maybe Zoe wrote that note, because remember, she said she was on Crabapple Hill when the three of you went there and talked about Bea…. So yeah, I think someone is searching for Amanda too, and that someone is Zoe…

                • s657809

                  yes, at first i diidnt know what it was but then i knew it had to be a message

                  • EuniceHannah

                    I have to agree on Faith’s theory like AllieK did. And like BlueRoseGrey said, pull together and talk about all that’s happened. You’re not alone this search, that’s for sure. But be careful of who you trust when/if you decide to look for those “others”, you never know if telling the truth. If Amanda was able to tell different versions of her life, who’s to say someone else can do that?

                    Point is, You. Are. Not. Alone.

                    But Arvi777 said they may have chosen to work alone right? What if they don’t know you guys, but is searching too. Maybe he/she knows she’s not alone either. Maybe she’s purposely leaving these marks for you to find him/her, but doesn’t necessarily know who you are specifically.

                    • Purple*Rose

                      It’s probably a good thing that you’re not alone, because something tells me things are gonnba either get a whole lot more dangerous or a whole lot more interesting, either way you have to watch your back.

                      If any of you guys (cough*callie*cough) have ever watched pretty little liars, alison is being stalked by someone called ‘a’ so she puts an ad in a newspaper, and calls ‘a’ out. So my idea is to take Faith’s Arvi777, and EuniceHannah’s ideas into motion. We pull together. You put an ad in the newspaper!!! A sort of calling all ‘TAP’ followers kinda thing. We put find this ‘Lizard’ person, be sure to put in the ad something only someone who knew amanda well, would recognize.

                      I hope i helped.

                      • marycaulf

                        No!! Alone!

                        • purplegurl

                          I don’t think you guys have ever been alone. I think there has always been someone else. There always will be someone else, because Amanda never stays in one place forever. I don’t think she can. She is out there probably changing someone elses life. The entire world and all the humans on it are super interwoven, like a spider’s web. Maybe all the changes are for the greater good. Where is Amanda right now? Where she is needed.

                          • Supernatural

                            i no this has nothing to do with this post but i think heidi might be the lizard but even if shes not i think she or someone in her family ran over amandas mum went and attacked thornhill then heidi thought bea was amanda coz she was wearing her wig so went to run her over and then realised it was her then when they found out callie new they gave her the opportunitiny to get a face transplat or whatever that opperation was…

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