Walking on the Dark Side of the Moon

by Nia Rivera on 03.16.2012

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I felt like a pioneer, covering new territory: a traveler exploring westward when American was untamed, Magellan on the cruel and open ocean, Neil Armstrong on the face of a deserted moon.  It did actually look like the moon because the dust from the wrecking ball’s force had settled and pretty much covered everything in a 100 ft radius: plants, tools and even the grass was all covered with a faint layer of soot which made everything look grey and cold (as I imagine the moon looks when walking on its surface).

Anyway, while I was looking around this unnamed planet of (what we are assuming to be) the Stark’s former residence, I began to notice that there were pieces of furniture that had also been demolished along with the house’s frame work.  This seemed curious to me because usually, people remove all their belongings before having it torn down, right?

I made it through their once-living room where the fire place half-stood, and to their kitchen, where their table lay legless under an unwired ceiling fan and about a million papers.  I sat down, a little overwhelmed by the mess.  I made myself feel better by comparing my house to theirs.  I get overwhelmed by my mother’s overbearing rule and obsessive-compulsively-clean ways, but compared to this travesty of a home, nothing compares.

As I found myself lost in daydream, I began to notice a familiar label on the papers that were floating around the construction site and were stuck underneath the ceiling fan. 

Blue Flower Heath Insurance. The documents floating around the once-kitchen were contracts and proof of property. Apparently the property was purchased from the Stark family to make room for a pharmacy (nice call,queenchuki , how did you know?!).

Who are the good guys? Who are the bad? The mad dash for Amanda leaves us bumping our heads against some pretty dangerous people. What are they hiding?

11 responses

  1. marycaulf

    No clue!

    • Faith

      Um… I know! It was caused by people and mutated pineapples! Just kidding, I have no idea. More technical difficulties? So, I’ll just pretend I have a clue.

      Good people: Those who can be trusted. Like, those people you would tell your darkest secrets to.

      Bad people: Ones who are prying information, or are generally against Amanda/trying to stop you from finding her. Pretty obvious, though.

      And about what they are hiding, it has to be something important. Or they wouldn’t go through so much trouble about hiding it, like the house being wrecked. The thing is, they could be hiding ANYTHING from an evil plot to take over the world to fish recipes.

      • Missparkles

        So… I’m assuming I’m not the only one who isn’t seeing the text, right? Tech problems?

        • Purple*Rose

          I’m with misssparkles, i ain’t seeing the text, anyways, if we were to get way deep into what makes a good person and what makes a bad person, but what make someone truly evil, i mean someone could seem to have good intentions but could end up betraying you, or it could be the other way.

          Back to the topic, someone you have to be at least be wary of, i someone who could be trying to make you lose your way to amanda. Although some people who at once you see them you just know that something is fishy about them.

          But something had crossed my mind, what if the people trying to deter us, believe they are protecting amanda, or believe she’s the bad guy, or maybe they are trying to protect her and think we’re the bad guys. Pretty unlikely but you have to consider everything.
          Right now however i can’t think of anything else, except trust who you know well enough, but be careful of what you reveal to certain people. Be on your guard at all times.


          • AllieK

            Yeah can’t see the text either.

            • queenchuki

              Just to tell you guys, I can see the text… And I’m hoping you can too!! Anyway, on to another theory of mine!!

              First of all, to answer Nia’s question, I got that theory because I read Shattered recently.. Actually, whenever a post from Nia, Callie, or Hal comes out, I try to skim over the books and see if it connects with anything…

              The next thing is that obviously, Stark or his family is being chased by someone .. And maybe Amanda is too.. And hey, since my theory is far-fetched, why not add Callie’s mom to the equation as well??

              And I agree with Purple*Rose, what if people who betray you are meaning to do good?? I mean, just that you can seem to trust someone doesn’t make the person very trust-worthy..

              And lastly, I think that the furniture that was destroyed as well was unimportant, but the stuff that were sent to Play It Again Sam’s are the important ones.. It connects right?? Like why a LOT of Amanda’s stuff are there, and why other people’s stuff are there too.. Perhaps Louise is some sort of “keeper” that keeps their stuff from falling into bad hands….

              • ZoeElise

                First off, could the Stark’s Pharmacy have to do anything with the blood in the secret room at Heidi’s house? It could be for medicine purposes. I believe that Louise is the one person you can truly trust, I also think that anyone who has items in Play It Again Sam is a good guy. Those things are there for a reason, and you should trust the people who are connected through material ways. Anyone who is not repersented at Play It Again Sam, but is connected to Amanda, should be treated with caution. I also don’t think that anything left in the house will be worth anything, they were left for a reason, everything important will be at Play It Again Sam.

                • KayKayleigh

                  For the who is good and who is not, it is too early to tell. Just play it by ear, yet be careful around everyone who comes near you.  What are they hiding? Amanda obviously, all these people seem to know where she is. That is what they are hiding.

                  • Purple*Rose

                    Ok here’s another theory, i’m thinking stark craven if he’s the bad guy, bought that house to tear it down to hide something, or so that no one will find or discover it. That’s why the furniture is there. But if he is a good guy, then maybe he’s trying to make it clear to someone that he’s out of the game. i actually have no idea what i’m writing right now. Let’s bring symbolism into this for a minute, sofa’s and furniture usually represent well living, luxury or relaxation. The bulldozers demolished the furniture, if we’re using symbolism then that means that a warning is being sent out like, ‘your days of relaxation are done’ or that you have to look for a place of luxury.?!
                    Also Pharmacies, sell medicine, medicine represents healing, so when you tear down something, your making a new path for yourself, your forgetting the past, and when building a pharmacy you’re healing, and forgetting the past.
                    So maybe the house stark craven bought meant something to him, (whether a good or bad thing) and him demolishing the house was his way of healing?
                    Something to think about.

                    • AlexInvisible

                      Well pharmacy connects to the hospital, and we know some people at the hospital, don’t we?
                      Or else hmmm… you know Thornhill’s list of names and numbers? Could those have been numbers for prescription orders? I mean, a lot of people are on prescription meds. Maybe he’s keeping track of it.
                      Or maybe the pharmacy has nothing to do with it at all. Anyway, are there any other pharmacies of the same corporation nearby? Do you know anyone that works at one of them? You should ask why they are building one in a residential zone. Because that’s kind of odd.

                      • darkangelxoxo

                        for sure it’s amanda they are hiding ... but the question is who do u guys need to trust? my question would me who are they? but anyway ... what i’m trying to say is to see if a person is good or bad i guess you need to take chances.

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