What Am I?

by Nia Rivera on 03.30.2012

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It was something that queenchuki  said that made me think of the book.  She suggested that maybe Amanda is the keeper of important things, and that Play It Again Sam is a safe haven for these objects.  It made me think of the book that Amanda gave to me, the first edition copy of Ariel and the time I finally told Hal and Callie about it in my room.

“ I closed my eyes and tried to imagine where she bought it. And old book shop? A random yard sale?.....I dropped the book and opened my eyes, my brain whirling with questions. Those visions had been so intense… so specific. “This is all too peculiar.” I exhaled.

And this made me think about that mirror at Play It Again Sam’s. Which made me think about all the stories that flood through my head, all the stories I ignore. 

If Amanda is the keeper of important things, what am I?

15 responses

  1. marycaulf

    A safe haven!

    • Faith

      You’re her reason. Amanda always did her best to help everyone in the time I knew her. Considering she chose you guys, that means you’re special. Nia, you have your spiky spirit. Callie has her ability to think under situations when she knows she’s needed. Hal fools around and creates jokes, and makes everything seem less serious.

      I don’t think of Amanda as just the keeper. She’s the flame. She’s like Katniss in the _Hunger Games_. She lights the candle. I kind of think how you guys represent her… Like, sort of in Greek mythology, how gods have multiple personalities. Or how you’re like pieces of her… It’s hard to explain. So, sort of, she’s the controller of the flame. Let’s go back to the Greek god thing moment. Amanda is like the goddess of individuality, controller of the whole thing. You are like her counterpart. Sort of how Hades actually is the god of the Underworld, but it’s Thanatos who does the death part under him.

      Amanda is the WHOLE flame of individuality; Nia is the spirit, keeping the flame going; Callie represents how you realize who you are; and Hal makes sure you have to have fun sometimes. It’s sort of like those diagrams you drew in intermediate school. There is first a big oval containing the subject, then there are lines leading away from it to other ovals with information on the subject.

      The point is, everyone here is important whether they think so or not.

      • Primaplus

        It seems that you understand the significance of objects, and Amanda needs someone to explain for the rest of the group. When I think of your vivid descriptions you get in your head, I think that Amanda meant for you to see them, so you can determine where to go next in your search for her. You are Amanda’s messenger, and you are extremely important.

        • AllieK

          Gah is this a Shattered spoiler? >< Still haven’t read it yet.  But from what I do know,  I agree with what Primaplus that you are good at seeing the meaning in important objects.  That helps you figure out the clues that Amanda left for you guys, and she knows that

          • queenchuki

            Well, I kinda agree with Primaplus and Faith, but my real answer is a bit different.. Well, here it is:

            Well, if you are correct, and Amanda is the “keeper” of important things, she needs someone to relay it to Callie and Hal, and to explain the importance of that object to them.. Well, not only the significance of the object, but also WHY the object is significant to AMANDA..

            It would really help though if Louise was more cooperative in this…Wait, what if Louise is somehow in contact with Amanda which is why she knows when to give you certain items!

            I feel like you have almost all the evidence you need, you just need to connect them.. I’m sure there’s a significance!! And maybe Zoe can give you the missing info about Amanda…

            I swear this is the last paragraph, but for those of you who haven’t read Shattered, sorry if I spoiled it for you!

            • BlueRoseGrey

              You’re a guide! ;D

              I bet you all have important roles… You, Callie, and Hal. I don’t know…

              Maybe, to answer this question, you should delve back into your totems? Do they mean anything deeper?

              • mpetes

                If Amanda is the keper of important things, then you, Callie, and Hal are like interpreters. Amanda leaves you guys important clues, and when you guys work together, you figure out the next step. Everything Amanda sent has a meaning. It’s your job to figure out what she’s trying to say to you.

                • arvi777

                  I think, if Amanda IS the keeper, then you would be the Seer, like Amanda would have the things but you would know the history of them, where theyve been and what theyve seen…. BUT

                  Hal and Callie are the same!

                  (in the books this happened) Callie’s cut healed super fast and she became super strong at times, and Hal just KNEW what was going to happen, knew where they should go.

                  THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE, and after all, Amanda picked you guys for a reason!

                  • AlexInvisible

                    You find things. The three of you.
                    Callie sees them. Hal feels them. And Nia determines what they are. Isn’t that how you solve most of your mysteries? Callie notices something, Hal gets mysterious gut instincts about it, and then Nia does research?

                    • Purple*Rose

                      Maybe meeting amanda unlocked something in you? Amanda is the keeper of the keys. after all. i agree with alex invisible the whole theory she has made me think of greek mythology again, the three fates.

                      • s657809

                        maybe her garden angel

                        • Supernatural

                          Are the amanda project books real?

                          • ♥queen♥

                            i don’t personally think that the TAP books r real, but they might be and i wanna see what other peeps think so im gonna start a debate….

                            • Supernatural

                              oh ok thanx queen, if u want to no why i asked and more about me plz read my comment on ticky tacky little box :) xx

                              • brittobart

                                is this the last story????????????

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