Peter Silsbee

Author of Book Two: Revealed

Here's a glimpse into my Perfect Saturday. What's yours? -Peter Silsbee

Waking up, I am delighted to remember it’s Saturday.  Judging from blue sky, sun streaming in, it’s a Perfect Spring day.

Check my wristwatch. It’s 8:05. I remember 805, a hard rock band from Syracuse. Complete with snake and dry ice. Python Snake, I think.

Get up, quietly practice guitar so as not to wake wife, daughter. Pentatonic Scales, slowly.

Morning noises in back of apartment. Make coffee for sleepy wife, waffles for sleepy daughter. All agree: let’s Plan Something!

Breakfasts and showers completed, we execute Planned Stroll.

In Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we stand on small wooden bridge over sparkling stream by cherry grove. At the same time, we see a garter snake slide out from under the bridge, slip into the stream. Perfect Specimen of a garter snake.

Tell daughter about hard rock band, 805. She wonders if the python, blasted by blaring guitars and crashing drums, went deaf. Poor Snake!

Wife agrees about the poor snake. I do, too, then, after moment of silence, I Propose Snack.

Slightly sunburned, we have late lunch at the garden café. Daughter sees girl with ice cream cone. Jumping up, she Purchases Same.

Back home, naps for me, wife. Daughter Plays Sims.

Later, too lazy to cook, we decide to go out to dinner… Pizza? Sure.


My Official Bio

Peter Silsbee has published five young adult novels, including the big way out, Love Among the Hiccups, and The Temptation of Kate. Peter also has a band, The Haywood Brothers. He lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn.

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