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This site is about a girl named Amanda Valentino. She started at our school, Endeavor High, on Halloween. She vanished in March, but has been sending us cryptic clues ever since. Her friends—Hal Bennett, Callie Leary, and Nia Rivera—have set up this website to try to find other people that knew her so they can discover more about who she was and why she disappeared. Every Friday they post new stories and clues for you to investigate & discuss.


Help us write Amanda's Story!

The best way to jump into The Amanda Project is by reading Our Stories. Here are some good stories to start with if you're new:

Connect the Dots: It seems like Amanda had a different story about her life for every person she met. She told Callie she was living in a big Victorian house downtown, she told Hal she was living at the new Riviera Condos, and she told Nia that she was staying at the Comfort Inn off Route 10. We've found out she didn't actually live in ANY of those places, but is there a method to her lies? Find out in the mystery - Connect the Dots.

The Cryptic Claws of Madame Zee: Amanda sightings abound (she's been seen in LA, Paris, New York, Hong Kong...) but few are caught on video. When Hal, Callie, and Nia go to the Orion Fair investigate the psychic Madame Zee, a reader sends in this video. Is it Amanda? Watch it and decide for yourself in - The Cryptic Claws of Madame Zee.  

Cross Your T's: One day, when she was still in school, Amanda suddenly turned white and ran out of Mrs. Watson's trig class, dropping this note by accident. Why was she so startled? Nia decides to go super scientific and analyze the handwriting in an effort to find out who wrote it. What does your handwriting say about you? Read - Cross Your T's to find out.


Read the books!

Another great way to delve into Amanda's mystery is, of course, by reading the books

Amanda's story will be published as an eight-book series—and each book will include writing from readers like you.

The first book about Amanda, came out in hardcover last fall, and includes a post from superstar site member PhysicsNerd. It's hitting stores as a paperback on December 28, 2010, and will include a NEW piece of writing from one of YOU.

Check out the Books home to find out more.


Still reading? Here are some other ways to get involved...


Post in the Debate Club

Want to introduce yourself? Talk about the book? Post your own random theories about Amanda? The Debate Club is the place to do it. That’s where everyone can combine their brainpower to come up with ideas about where—and who—Amanda Valentino really is. Some good threads to start with:

Submit Your Art or Writing to the Zine

You can post your own art and writing (it doesn't have to be about Amanda—we just want to see your awesome stuff!) in the Zine for all our members to see. We're working on a real live print Zine as well - submit now for possible inclusion!

Make Your Character

You can edit and expand your profile by clicking on the “My Profile” link next to your username on the right hand side of the page. You can be anyone in Amanda's world—a classmate who knows Amanda, a teacher at Endeavor High, or just someone who lives in Orion (our town) and has been noticing really strange things going on! It’s totally up to you, and everyone is someone different. Once you decide what kind of character you want to be, you can take the Totem Quiz to find out your secret animal totem.

Thank you for helping us find Amanda!!

Wait! I have another question!

Are we just making stuff up and pretending? How do we know what is part of the real story? What happens if my story conflicts with someone else’s?

The Amanda Project story is a collaboration between the book characters (Hal, Callie, and Nia), and all of the members (you!). The site is a place for everyone to tell their version of Amanda and her story. Amanda was many things to many people, and everyone has their own story to tell. As we see it, it’s OK if two people come up with conflicting points of view, because that’s what they are – points of view. There is no wrong answer. The narrative written in the books, and by the main characters will become the official narrative, but there is always room to create stories behind the stories, and to challenge what other members say happened. We also continuously weave your comments and theories and characters into the stories we tell online each week, and into the books themselves, so please keep writing!

Who is my character? Am I supposed to be myself on the site or should I be pretending to be a character?

The site invites you to create a character and become a part of Amanda’s world. That character can be a lot like you or nothing like you at all. You can be anyone you want to be – maybe you go to Endeavor High with the main characters, or maybe you work at the movie theater downtown. There are a million possibilities!

Where does the Amanda Project take place?

Amanda’s school is located in the (fictional) town of Orion, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland in the United States.

I can’t log in. I’ve forgotten my username/password.

Don’t worry—you can reset your password at the sign-in page. It will ask you for your email address. Enter your email address and it will send you your username and a brand-new password.

I still can’t log in. Can you help?

If you’re still having trouble logging in, just email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll get you sorted out.

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