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  1. BlueRoseGrey


    I’ll do a character ref soon, because he’s got some cool shtuff to show off :3

    First off, his skull only glows under a black light, darkness, or rave lights. In normal day time you can’t see it, and when dusk comes around you can see a mild glimmer of it.

    Second off, all of his electric lime green markings glow under the same circumstances as his skull, but you can see them during the day as just plain ol’ markings.

    Third: the symbol on his necklace is his clan’s symbol. It glows green when he raves. His horns are black and yellow, and the yellow glows the same as the necklace.

    Four: His hair is neon blue and red speckled.

    Five: Note the eye sockets and the green “eye”. His normal eye color is the electric green, and they also glow :3

    lots of glow. This demon fox was MADE FOR RAVING.

    Julian and art (c) Me

    • BlueRoseGrey

      <Removed by Cornelia’s Minions>

      • Jester

        What was removed by Cornelias minions?

        • BlueRoseGrey

          I just said that you could go find a song that went with the picture…

          but it has bad words, so maybe they didn’t want people listening to songs with bad words?

          • Missparkles

            I LOVE THIS! He’s such an adorable demon fox… I just want to pet his evil little head. ^.^

            • BlueRoseGrey

              hahaha yeah xD I dunno if he’s evil yet… he just may be a bad [removed]… :Y x3 I love him though, he’s so fun to draw!!!

              • Missparkles

                He’s adorable :DDD.

                • BlueRoseGrey

                  thanks x3

                  • foreverlost

                    this is so COOL! :))

                    • Mary-Dee

                      TOTALLY AWSHUM, JABBYC!

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