Jabb Chibi colored

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  1. BlueRoseGrey

    woo got this sucker colored! xD I’m super pleased with how the eye turned out c:

    Oh! And I’m sticking my tongue out in this, in case you’re wondering what the muffins that green thing is. Yes. That’s my tongue. xD

    Jabbershire (me) and art (c) me

    • Mary-Dee

      Lolzahs xD. But THIS IS TOTALLY EPIC.

      • BlueRoseGrey

        thanks c:

        • Missparkles

          THE EYE IS AWESOME! THE WHOLE THING IS AWESOME! *loves this even more because green, blue, and purple are my favorite colors*

          • BlueRoseGrey

            haha thank you! x3

            the purple shirt was totally just by chance, because I was looking for a color that I hadn’t used in awhile xD

            • Missparkles

              Weeeeeeeell, it’s awesome. :D & you’re welcome xD.

              • Jester


                • BlueRoseGrey

                  thank you c:

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