Monkey D. Luffy

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  1. Missparkles

    Yeah, so…. Even though I have no idea who this is, it’s amazing. And I love it xD.

    • Missparkles

      .....OHMAHJEEZUS. How did you do his sandals?! *in awe*

      • Jester

        Thanks Daven! It’s Luffy, and he’s like the cutest anime Charrie I’ve ever seen, and he’s like 19 so that’s an accomplishment XDD
        And they weren’t too hard really ^.^

        • Mary-Dee


          ...can yew Zine the pic of Mephy? PLEAAAAAAASE?

          • Jester

            *Proudface* I did it allll by myself! :D
            PFF of course! XD I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. I’ll get right on it. Soon.

            • Mary-Dee

              I would think that you did xD.

              YAYYYY! *goes to see if you have yet*.

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