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  1. BlueRoseGrey

    Okay…. so… essentially, this is my character for the steampunk RP… just… not steampunk-y…

    OKAY LONG STORY SHORT: she was originally a character i made up for a Maximum Ride fanfiction, but I just love her character design so much that I’m going to steampunk her up and WHALA there we go! Roleplay character!

    So yeah. Her wings will become steampunk strap-on parawings of sorts, she’ll get goggles and perhaps a new jacket er something. But the combat boots stay.


    Rox (c) Me

    and, just because it was mentioned: Max Ride (c) James Patterson

    P.S. I put the fancy orange “Rox” in because a. i thought my handwritten Rox looked like “Roy” slightly and b. I wanted fancy colorful font :U

    • Mary-Dee

      Lolzahs, niiiiice, JabbyCat…. xD.


      Ahem… Kaiyoot! xPP. You are such an amazing artist…..

      • Missparkles

        COMBAT BOOTS ARE AWESOME! :D And so it this! :O It’s shuper awesome!

        • xoxo94

          awwwwww its soo cute but in punky kind of way !!!! =)

          • Jester

            Hehehe, I looked at it and thought it was making a rude gesture at first ^.^

            • BlueRoseGrey

              xoxo94: hahah! Yeah, she’s cute… until she opens her mouth…..

              Jester: making rude gestures IS something that Rox would do >_____> in the original idea of the picture, she says something that some people would find offensive, but I’m saving that for when I actually color her xD

              I’ll probably end up putting a “clean” version on here, because the moderators might take it down x3

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