Sharpies & Dark Wood

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  1. KylarMorgan

    Sharpies are beautiful.  Especially when you have a whole rainbow of them. :O I love everything about Sharpies. <3

    • BlueMagic

      Kylar! Ur back! And I love al ur pictures!

      • KylarMorgan

        Hi!!! I’ve kinda been on but I’ve been way too busy to read everything I want to. Life’s so crazy hectic now. -_- Aww! Thanks! Taking pictures is one of my passions. I’m glad you like them. :)

        • Missparkles

          So, this looks totally professional, and I absolutely love it :D.

          • KylarMorgan

            Thanks! I was trying to prove to my dad that the colors really DO come out more vibrant on the camera than in real life. It worked. xD

            • brittobart


              • AngelOfMusic

                Hahaha. I’ll never have to prove anything to my father about photography… It’s a shared passion of ours!!! <3 Love it, though!! Sharpies are just awesome.

                • AngelOfMusic

                  And I love how you use a small aperture to make the background blur!! :)

                  • WisdomWarrior

                    I <3 Sharpies! I <3 taking pictures! I <3 this picture ( <3 ) of Sharpies ( <3 ) !!!

                    • 2q2q1


                      • KylarMorgan

                        Umm, I guess so if you give credit accordingly. I’m glad you all like it so much. :) :) :)

                        • AngelOfMusic

                          :) :) :) :) :) :)

                          • BlueMagic

                            Oh yay it was featured! Good because I love this pic!

                            • KylarMorgan

                              Haha, thanks BM! :) It’s so nice how they feature my pictures. I’m really honored. Hey, I posted a few more pics. Would you check them out sometime? :D

                              • AngelOfMusic

                                I will! :)

                                • AlexInvisible

                                  Love this pic!
                                  Although is that really wood? It has a funky texture.
                                  Anyway, I think you have a great eye for detail and color. You should do another one of these but super close up. That would be neat.
                                  Not, of course, that I know anything about photography.

                                  • AngelOfMusic

                                    Hahaha. Totally. I know a little, I guess. My dad’s into it and I take some pics… :)

                                    • Clara.grrr

                                      You know, I really like this. I mean, I’ve seen pics of Sharpies like this before, but I still love the randomness of the colors and they’re just bunched together…
                                      It’s as if the Sharpies are saying, “Yeah, I’m a Sharpie. You write with me and I’ll never go away. I’m also pretty amazing. Now watch me just chill here with my other Sharpie brethren and just be simply awesome.”
                                      Lol (:

                                      • AngelOfMusic

                                        Hahaha and they all have a personality as well. Pink for loving, black for dark and mysterious, light blue for bubbly. :)

                                        • Purple*Rose

                                          what do you use to take the pictures, do you use any editing software? Also this is really pretty it really speaks to me.

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