Am I the only one who’s (Kinda) Worried???

by Everlasting on 08.12.2011

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I don’t know about you but I am really missing FrozenFire, JulietCapulet, CuteDramatic, Blushie7 and so many other people that haven’t been on for AGES! Please come back guys! :(

12 responses

  1. KylarMorgan

    I wouldn’t say worried exactly. More like miss. I wish they would come back!

    • JulietCapulet

      guys. Is everything alright. I am not gone

      • Jester

        I haven’t seen them for months. Well not you Juliet.

        • Missparkles

          HAIJULIET! :D

          Okay, I know CuteD doesn’t have a computer right now, because she was using a school issued one, plus she went on like a retreat or something. But she has a poem right over there, so…

          Blushie was sick right? Or something. And FrozenF, I have no idea. :P But while there’s so many new people, it feels like so little because all the old people have left.

          • Everlasting

            Blushie is fine now. She has been for a couple of months, unless she was sick again. I miss them

            • JulietCapulet

              hi girls. did someone change their name to Jester?

              • Everlasting


                • Everlasting

                  MizzT changed her name. <3

                  • Mary-Dee

                    JULIETC! :DDDDD. waves.

                    • Blushie7

                      Hey! Dont worry I’m here now! and Missed you all and yeah I was ill again and other problems I won’t bore ya with:) but I’m finejust home sick (TAP being the home) lol so I’m back now! can’t get rid of me that easily lol and hey JC, havent seen my soul sis in years! oh and i was wondering about the Jester name, confuzzling :P oooso now i can say hi to mizzT tho :) Hey mizzT/ Jester :)
                      Overall hey sugar and never worry caramel can never leave sugar :)

                      • Everlasting

                        177: Then why did you?

                        • Everlasting


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