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by BlueRoseGrey on 10.15.2011

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Okay. So I figured that I needed to explain the main characters in the new series I’ll be writing and posting on here (don’t worry, Emotionless Fool is still gonna happen!).

Okay, so here we go:

Marceline Slate: Twin to Eloise Slate. She was born with a pair of Scarlet Macaw wings, and can do several things with them: she can make them grow/shrink to certain sizes, she can make them detach or attach to her body (detached means that they hover behind her), she can fly with them when they’re big enough. She dresses in only neutral colors, and on the outside she is cold and uncaring. Her eyes are a dark gold with flecks of moss green, and her wavy, long hair is such a dark cherry red that it appears black unless under sunlight or bright lights. Her true nature is kind, gentle, and very shy, and she just wants the best for everyone, including Eloise. Nobody knows of her wings, save her three best friends.

Eloise Slate: Marceline Slate’s twin. She was also born with wings, and can do the same things with hers as Marceline can. Her wings are African Grey Macaw wings, rather than Scarlet Macaw as her sister’s are. Her hair is cut cheek-length, and are tighter curls than Marceline’s are. Her hair is a light strawberry red, and her eyes are silver. She only dresses in bright colors, and is the most “popular” girl in the school. On the outside she is bubbly, cute, and appealing in both personality and appearance. But on the inside she is malevolent, bitter, and she only looks out for herself. She hates her sister, even though Marceline only has the best intentions for her. Marceline is constantly covering up for Eloise, even though Eloise could care less.

Sam Adams: Sam is Marceline’s tomboy raving friend. She is constantly dressed in eye-burning neon colors and always has a glowstick on hand. She is an excellent dancer and has an outgoing, careless attitude. She always sticks up for Marceline, and is most always goofing off.

Alex Speare: Alex is Marceline’s main guy friend. He is tall, dark, and handsome. He is mainly quiet, but when he talks he commands all attention. To others he is intimidating, but Marceline constantly refers to him as a giant stuffed bear because of his big heart and huggable nature. He wears mostly black and warm colors.

Maxine Gates: Max (preferably spelled Maxx) is the other tomboy girl of Marceline’s trio of friend. She is constantly picking fights (mainly with other boys… and she usually wins…), and she can normally be found with a can of silver spray paint. She usually skips out on school—besides art (she’s an extremely talented artist)— and she enjoys spending her time in her “apartment” with her two pitbulls Lily and Eddie. Her “apartment” is several abandoned train cars that she converted into a home. She has a standoffish and blunt personality, and she doesn’t care about anyone else but her friends. She wears anything she wants, but she never really wears anything feminine.

Yep! So those are the basics, I think… I didn’t want to go into Eloise’s posse just because they’re not going to grow into important characters I don’t think… Not at first, anyway. I can always develop them later.

Okay, so… Enjoy! I think that this should be fun. I dunno when I’ll get the first one out, (and I still have to think of a name xD) but I’m kind of excited! :D


All characters © ME.

3 responses

  1. Missparkles

    WINGS! AWESOME! :D Can’t wait for the first chapter!

    • Mary-Dee

      WINNNNNNGGGSSSSS! Meh luffles how yew have all these distinct charrie dessies (aka, descriptions) planned out :D. SOUNDS AWSHUM!

      • BlueRoseGrey

        thanks guys c:

        I can’t wait to get onto this story… I have a draft of part if the first chapter ready, but it may still be awhile… I’m kind of busy with life at the moment xD

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