Emotionless Fool 19

by BlueRoseGrey on 11.12.2011

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I wear my crown of thorns and pull the knife out my chest. I keep searching for something that I never seem to find. But maybe I won’t, because I left it all behind. Now I’m stuck with this, and that’ll never change; Always a part of me, until the very last day.

Kestra tried to hold in a cry as her arm screamed with pain. She huddled against the wall, trying to hide away from Elias as he towered over her. “When did you contact him?!” he screamed at her, grabbing her by her shirt and throwing her against the wall again. Thalia screamed her name from the corner of the room where Elias’s shadows had her detained. “Elias we never contacted him! Silas came here on his own!” she screamed, struggling against her bindings. “I don’t believe you,” he snarled. “It’s true!” Kestra whimpered. “I had no idea he’d come here!” “LIES!” Elias snarled, and then whirled on his heel. He marched towards Thalia with a murderous look in his eyes. “No, Elias, please leave her alone—” Kestra begged, but he ignored her. She stared at him in horror as he reached for her friend’s neck in a bloodthirsty rage. Suddenly, her own rage boiled in her blood. She stood up. “Elias, I said to stop!” The anger in her tone echoed through the room. He froze, and then turned slowly to face her. He raised an eyebrow at her and said, “Oh? What is this? Finally getting back your rebelliousness?” Her glare was dark. “You don’t have your axe with you. Troublesome, no?” She just shrugged. “I can kill you with sheer will,” she snarled. “Cocky.” He turned away from Thalia, who was busy mouthing some sort of incantation. Suddenly, the entire house started shaking. Kestra fell to her knees in a grunt of pain, her hands reaching up to her head. It felt like it was being cracked open. Her moan soon turned to a scream as the walls shook even more. Suddenly, Silas appeared in the room. He looked exhausted, like he’d been trying to break in for days. Voices started screaming in Kestra’s head, louder than ever before. “Shut up!” she screeched, curling in on herself. “Be quiet!” Silas fell to his knees as he cried out, “Kestra!” he wrapped his arms around her, but at his touch pain ripped through her body and she convulsed. She sat up on her knees, her face tilted on her knees as she screamed, her hands clawing at her chest. She could feel them, the souls—they wanted to get out, but she couldn’t let them. She needed them if she wanted to live with Silas forever.

Where to go from here? What road to travel on? I spent my whole life choosing, and I always chose wrong. Will I try to have the will to be alive? Will I try because I’ve never seen the light?Blow it to the ground and it’s now you see, You spent your whole life taking the best of me

Suddenly she felt a great power swell inside of her. She shoved the pain away, and stood up on shaky legs. Her face was shadowed by the dark night outside, but her eyes were glowing with a dark fury. “Elias of Demons,” she snarled—her voice were thousands speaking as one. “You’ve committed crimes worthy of eternal torture.” “Nothing new,” he sneered. In her reaper form, Kestra lifted her chin higher and eyed him in distaste. She held out one hand, and her ax materialized in it. “It is unfortunate that you had no idea that my souls are attached to this ax, hmm?” she purred. “I can summon it from wherever I please.” Elias bared his fangs. He was now in his pure demon form: his horns had been snapped in half, leaving jagged edges that glistened with the fallen’s blood. His eyes were pure black, and his canines had elongated into dangerous serpentine fangs. Silas stood next to Kestra, floating above her in his own demon form. “You bother me, you know,” Kestra murmured, emotions drained from her Reaper eyes. “You take away all options from everyone around you. Selfish, that’s what you are.” He hissed, the sound reptilian and spine-tingling. “You’re not the first to say this, Kestra. Now what are you going to do? Kill me? Add me to your collections? Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?!” His head fell back as he released a laugh. “Too bad, Kestra! You still haven’t figured it out! I control everything!”

Where’d you go? Where’s your home? How’d you end up all alone? Can you hear me now?There’s no light, there’s no sound. Hard to breathe, when you’re underground. Can you hear me now? Hear me now!

Kestra sighed; she was getting bored with this game. “You are of no use to me. You never were, Elias. Don’t you see? Useless.” Thalia squirmed in silence behind Elias. She was gaining the upper hand against his shadows, but he could feel her escaping and he whirled around, his clawed hands closing around her throat. “Someone has to die tonight, Kestra!” he cackled, throwing a maniacal glare over his shoulder. “Who will it be?!” She closed her eyes; her ax hummed with the energy of thousands of spirits. She swung it towards him, and opened her eyes, staring at him without emotion. “You,” she murmured, and then she was in action. “Careful, Kestra!” Silas yelled behind her, but as she swung her now glowing ax, Elias didn’t have time to move. It sliced across his back and he screamed. It was the sound of a thousand creatures burning alive. Kestra relished in this, although she showed nothing. It was just a twinge of feeling in the back of her head. “How do you like the idea of being buried alive, Elias? Trapped by a thousand curses and always gasping for air, scrabbling at your coffin’s lid?” she asked, stepping between him and Thalia. Silas helped her friend to the farthest corners from Elias, and then he returned to Kestra’s side protectively.

How long can I keep pretending to be? That all the stars in the sky could mean something to me. Heaven will open up if I live on my knees. A man of many words, but a man of few deeds. Walking these streets, so absent of hope.

Elias sneered as blood oozed from his lips and down his back. His laugh was gargled as he struggled to his knees. “I am not dying tonight, Kestra!” he sang, stumbling towards her. “You’ve gone insane,” she murmured. “Me? Insane? You should look at yourself once in awhile!” He screamed, and released a wave of shadows towards her. They hit her square-on, tightening around her throat and stabbing through her heart. She fell to her knees as the pain ripped through her body; she wheezed and coughed while the blood dribbled out her mouth, but she couldn’t get oxygen. “Kestra!” Silas yelled. He ripped the shadow from her throat, and then snarled as he threw himself towards his brother. The two siblings battled violently: Silas shot waves of wind at Elias, who flew into a wall and hit his head with a deafening crack! Elias stood shakily and shadows rose from the ground to stab into his brother’s legs and stomach. Silas grunted in pain, but gritted his teeth and sliced away the tendrils. Kestra was on her knees, the light fading from her eyes. She blinked furiously, trying to clear her vision and stay awake. She heard Thalia screaming her name. She was suddenly next to her, her hands on her dying friend’s back. Kestra suddenly gasped as energy was blasted into her. Thalia was above her, whispering incantations like a madwoman. Her friend sighed with relief when she saw that she was okay. Kestra stood up, her strength rejuvenated without losing one of her lives. She gripped her ax with a new found power and yelled, “Elias!”

A pillow of concrete, a man with no home. Lend him a hand, then we’re walking the way. Leave the virtue of pity, but we live with the shame. So scared to dream in a world with no sunlight. When you wake up, you know it’s darker than last night. Quickly we forget, sacrifice gone by. Born to walk away, been walking my whole life.

She felt light on her feet as her captive spirits aided her in speed; she sliced her ax over his chest. He screamed, his back arching in pain. His head slammed against the tile floor, blood pooling from his mouth. Yet he still stood, an insane rage in his eyes. He staggered towards her, and yet she still cut him down. He stood again, shambling towards her like a persistent zombie. “You just won’t give up,” she sighed. She roundhouse kicked him in the stomach, and he crumpled. The house was silent, and then Kestra released a sigh when he didn’t stand again. Silas watched him carefully, a growl on his lips. “Back away, Kestra…” he snarled. She gave him a look of concern. “What—” she began, but then the ground beneath her began to boil in shadows; the tendrils raked up her body and she released a snarl. Her ax disappeared, and the voices appeared around her, snarling and screaming and shaking in fear. She wanted to tell them that it was going to be okay, that they should calm down, but they were all whispering for her to run: Run, Kestra! Hurry, hurry, hurry… Go! Get away! Run! Run! Hurryrungoleavehurryhurry… She released a scream of pain as Silas yelled her name, diving towards her. Elias’s insane giggle echoed around her, and he rose, dripping, out of the tar-like shadows with one clawed hand extended towards her. The tendrils slowly wormed through her skin, breaking through on the opposite sides. She screamed in agony again, and then a tendril split through her throat. Her eyes bulged in pain, and blood poured from her mouth. She tried to scream but she just choked. Elias’ maniacal laugh echoed around her before she was consumed by darkness.

Where’d you go? Where’s your home? How’d you end up all alone? Can you hear me now?There’s no light, there’s no sound. Hard to breathe, when you’re underground. Can you hear me now? Hear me now!

Thalia shrieked her friend’s name as she was consumed by the horrifying blackness and dragged away. Silas roared in fury as his brother’s shadows disappeared. “No!” he screamed, and threw himself to the floor, his hands scrabbling and his winds blowing around him in a cold fury. “No! You b*stard! Bring her back! Bring her back!” “Silas! It’s no use!” Thalia yelled at him, tears pouring down her cheeks. She collapsed against the wall, holding herself, trying to keep herself together. “Oh, my god… oh my god…” she whispered, tears welling in her eyes. The macabre scene replayed in her head and she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to drown it out before she realized that the loud sound echoing in the wide, destroyed room was her own screams and sobs of horror.

Kestra floated in an impenetrable darkness. She opened her eyes, but it didn’t make any difference. She blinked, but nothing cleared. She was utterly alone. Her hearing was muted, it felt like. She tried to scream, but no words came out. She just opened her mouth repeatedly like a fish, trying to gasp out something before she realized that she wasn’t breathing, either. The feeling wasn’t uncomfortable, but the thought itself of not breathing made her lungs itch. She tried to rub her eyes, but her movements were sluggish. She moved like she was encased in some sort of gel. What the h*ll? Where was she? She tried to think of where she’d last been. What had she been doing? She couldn’t remember. This bothered her. She had this nagging feeling that she had been in the middle of something important… but what was it…

Look into my eyes and I see…What do I see? Nothing at all. Take another look around me…What do I see? Nothing at all.

Suddenly a creepy laugh echoed around her softly. She jumped—the movement was slightly delayed. She thought she heard some voices whispering in her ears, but whenever she concentrated they faded away. The maniacal laugh came again. She shivered. “I told you,” the owner of the laugh sang. She tried to see who was saying those words, but the darkness hadn’t changed. “Who are you?” she finally asked, but her words were garbled. She coughed, and for a moment she could breathe, but then she was gone again in that state of not breathing. She felt something warm oozing down her neck and chin. She tried to swallow but nothing happened. “I told you!” the voice giggled again. “Told me what?” she asked in confusion. Her words were still garbled. “I told you that…. I told you that…” The voice seemed to be having issues putting out a coherent sentence. It kept on spitting and hissing at something. The sounds made Kestra shiver. She hiccuped as she tried to breathe, but her breath left her again. “…Someone would die!” the voice spat out. “Huh?” “I t-told you… t-old—someone… die…” the voice screamed and laughed, the sound echoing away. Kestra felt an unusual fear grip her chest. She wanted to scream as the warm stuff oozed down her chest, and it dribbled from her mouth into a wound on her neck. She opened her mouth, but once again nothing came out.

Where’d you go? Where’s your home? How’d you end up all alone? Can you hear me now? There’s no light, there’s no sound. Hard to breathe, when you’re underground. Can you hear me now? Hear me now!

“Nobody can hear you, Kestra!” The voice sneered. “Nobody can hear—SOMEONE WILL DIE!” The voice interrupted itself and then dissolved into crazed mumbles. Fearful tears poured from her eyes. “I won! I won… someone died… you… you… someone will die… you… i told… someone… die…” “Stop…” she begged softly, a whimper escaping her lips. “Are you scared, Kestra?” the voice screamed in glee. “Are you scared yet? I told you! I told you someone would… I told—!” “Shut up!” she screamed. Suddenly an image appeared in the darkness in front of her. It was all she could see. A mangled body, blood oozing and the head barely hanging on by a few tendrils. It cackled maniacally, the eyes bulging in a crazed madness. “I told you someone would die!” It screeched. “You died!” It laughed as Kestra screamed, but she knew that nobody could hear her.

Can you hear me? Hear me now!

Song: Hear Me Now by Hollywood Undead

WOW. I finally got back to this. Sorry for the wait, people!

This creeped me out just writing it. shiver I can really wig myself out sometimes lol xD

story, writing, and all characters © me

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