Forever Grateful

by AngelOfMusic on 03.14.2012

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You took down your guard,
Your shield,
Your mask.

You let me see you.

And for that I will be forever grateful,
For who you truly are is beautiful.

You took my hand,
And guided me to the light.

For I was trapped in my own darkness.

You put your pains aside,
And helped me heal mine.
And for that I am forever grateful.

You treated my heart,
Like one mistake,
Would eternally destroy the universe.

You saw past my guard,
My shield,
My mask,
Without me ever letting you.

And for that I am forever grateful.

5 responses

  1. Everlasting

    Wow. This is truly amazing. I am stunned by some of the poems on this website, and this is one of them. It is so beautiful! Please write more poems! And HAY! Sorry I haven’y been on in forever!!!!!

    • AurelieCriss

      Wow. Need I say more? :)

      • AngelOfMusic

        F.U.N.E.H. – Thanks and um, YEAH. Big issue… Where you been girlie? I was lonely!! Lol. <3 Luv ya all!

        WaterOnGlass – Nope. Not if you don’t wanna. And thanks!! It means a lot from someone so amazing and such. ;) <3


        • Everlasting

          aww sorry in a week I should be back bu I’ll pop in from time to time.

          • AngelOfMusic

            Hahaha :) Where do you keep going that you can’t have TAP?? Lol. :D

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