HaleyyJay The Fat Pig.

by HaleyyJay on 11.02.2010

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Bam Food
Each calorie pops in my head
is that normal?
I look in the mirrow
All I see is fat
I want to cut it off..
My legs,arms, Stomach
off, Cut It all.
My stomach growls
It’s in pain
It wants something
Doctor say its “food”
Beg to differ
Its thin
My stomach wants to be thin
I know..
Everone says I look thin
“Eat..Please Just try”
I know Im fat I can see it
I turn the lights off
when I change
I hate what I see
This girl
Im Not happy with my body
and neither are they
to fat to thin
Never enough
The fast starts now
Your strong important words
go through me
your Words Go Through me
No ones words will stop by for a vist then..


5 responses

  1. Ashlee411

    This poem is so beautiful and so sad! I wish that you would let the “strong important words” soak in. Being healthy is soooooooo important, in your body and in your mind, and learning to love who you are no matter what. That’s what Amanda taught me, and what I know she would say if she was here. xoxo – ashlee

    • audrey_horne

      I’m a tigress too, and tigresses are STRONG and FIERCE. Remember that.

      • eb55

        Anerxia is someting no tenager should face. It is a bad sickness that causes death. please dont go down that road.
        Life sory; Poria DeGeneres,
        Inspiring, I am SOOOO healthy but have a lil wieght u know? But I flaunt it :) show off your body :). Be powerfull.

        • HaleyyJay

          Writing Is the only thing that helps :)

          • audrey_horne

            so keep writing because you are amazing!!!!

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