I write Sins not Tragedies.

by Jester on 12.16.2011

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Please leave all overcoats, Canes and top hats with the doorman, from that moment you’ll be out of place and underdressed

I strolled into the room packed to the brim with finely dressed men and women, decked out in expensive clothing that flaunted how well their stocks and businesses were doing. They clustered together in shrewd groups, furtively glancing at each other and making snide comments about dresswear or gossiping about what had happened to people from different families, different religions.

They drew together because they were afraid, afraid of what would be announced at this party by my mother tonight, though they tried unsuccessfully to hide it from each other. They criticised others because they weren’t comfortable themselves.

As soon as they spotted me, the cliques of rich people seemed to draw into each other for protection in fear, as if a group were more effective than trying to stand me singlehandedly. Wrong.

I’m wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it,ruining this banquet for the mildly inspiring and

Some narrowed their eyes, some openly snarled at me and others cowered away. And I openly enjoyed it, smiling deviously at those who were hostile. It was a moment of excitement for me, watching them become enraged, their pupils dilated and beginning to turn silver.

But this was all a game, and regretfully I turned away, advancing through the room with a natural grace that only I could pull off. Dramatically lowering myself into the front row of seats in front of the stage labelled as ‘‘Reserved’‘ Almost immediately, everyone behind me relaxed as though I just been a mildly annoying child running through, as I had been before ten years ago.

Ten years ago when I was just an awkward 8 year old, my straggly hair bleached with a colour akin to a carrot and stumpy legs that could barely carry my tall, thin frame. I looked like a freak of nature, and I had been looked at pityingly, with a hint of spite. I had been my mothers child, and despised because of it.

I’m the new cancer, never looked better, you can’t stand it. Because you say so under your breath. You’re reading lips “When did he get all confident?”

Mother walked onto the stage, dressed as a tent. Or that was what I thought anyway, draped as she was in reams of rainbow silk and velvet, her beautiful face slightly more wrinkled than it had been five years ago when I’d left. She was still as uptight as ever, standing as straight as though she had a pole rammed up her bum.

She would speak soon and reveal her plan to the world. Which was, quite simply, the legalisation of the mass murder of the poor in England. Overpopulation was killing the country, and in desperation people would accept the first answer that fell into their laps. The reason I was here, was to stop that from happening.

‘‘Ladies and gentleman, please accept my gracious thanks that you have attended this meeting of mine. It is only for those of aristocratic origin, or simply Billionaires of the new century..’‘’

When you’re in black slacks with accentuating, off-white, pinstripes. Whoa, everything goes according to plan

Quietly, I began to draw my handgun from the hidden pocket in my hideous dark brown suit jacket, cold and glinting dully in the dim lighting of the room. Slowly, I moved it to the darkness of my trousers, so that it would be concealed. I wasn’t to be spotted, not yet. Not until I had received the signal.

‘’..to introduce you to my plan to end overpopulation in England alone. It consists of…’‘

I didn’t to be drawn to mothers speech, especially when it involved so much disgustingly rationalized ideas, but she was a wonderful public speaker. I wanted to watch her from the moment she opened her mouth, even in her ridiculous outfit. It was a dangerous ability.

‘’…Muslim immigrants and black Africans to be removed first, followed by any offspring and spouse. Then onto immigrants of Asian and Jewish ethnicity…’‘

In my pocket, a pager vibrated, the slight buzz signalling that I should go ahead. Go ahead and end my mothers tirade of pain and misery that had started in 2012, and had only gotten more and more popular as time went on.

Cautiously, I raised the gun.

And I know, and I know, it just doesn’t feel like a night out with no one sizing you up, I’ve never been so surreptitious, so of course you’ll be distracted when I spike the punch

Analytically, I targeted my mothers face, the same face that had been around for my childhood but dwindled in appearance as I got older and reached my teens. The same face that had once spoke of world peace now spouting poisonous ideas.

I pulled the trigger.

Blood sprayed outwards, backwards, frontwards, upwards, flecks spattering the plain white curtains on the windows behind her, me, the crowd. A moment of silence, shock and disbelief before utter chaos emerged, crowds rushing to the door.

I however, stayed seated.

As though I were an old man, I rose from my seat and tuned the screaming and panicked cries out of my mind before climbing the steps to the stage and bending over mothers disfigured body.

Her forehead had been shot through perfectly with a skull-shaped bullet, a keyhole like, imperfect hole ripped through the middle of her skull. Eyes staring ahead blankly, never to see again. Blonde hair shot through with streaks of blood, brain and bone.

Smiling as I thought of my accomplished mission, I smashed the window open with my bare fist, and jumped out to start running, not failing to notice the skull shaped blood spatter on the curtain beside me as I went.

Haven’t you heard that I’m the new cancer? Never looked better, and you can’t stand it

8 responses

  1. Jester

    Don’t ask where this came from, it all just poured out of my skull, so feel free to criticise…

    • Missparkles

      ASDFGHJKL:”;. You WROTE SOMETHING! attack hugs ILURVEIT. Like, really. Because it’s really, really, really exciting and awesome.

      CONTINUEEEEE! …please? For me? :D

      • Everlasting

        Sarah smiles like sarah doesn’t care
        She lives in a world so unaware,
        Does she know that my destiny lies with her?

        But I’n sad because last night I found out he married Sarah… :( Lol (JK!)

        Wait isn’t the name to this song There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet? ANYWAY! TACKLES MIZZT I MISSED YOU SO MUCH AND THIS IS SO AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY AMAZING! I have to go now though :( oh AND I’VE BEEN ON TAP FOR A YEAR. Anyway I’m going on holiday, so see you in three weeks! I’ll miss you!!!!!

        • Jester

          Aha, MissP I swear that if I have time in my (Extremely busy) holidays I shall write more of this xD
          But I’m not gonna drag it on. Is squished
          I LOVE THAT ONE TOO :D But my favourite one is
          Can’t take the kid from the fight? Take the fight from the kid
          Just sit back, relax, sit back, relapse again
          When I say shotgun you say wedding
          *Shotgun wedding shotgun wedding*

          I’m kinda sad he married Sarah too xD

          And yes, you are exactly right, that IS the name, I just thought I write sins not tragedies was a more appropriate title :D
          Squished again
          I missed you too! Sorry I haven’t been as active, I really will try to get on more D:
          THANKYOU D:
          Have fun on holiday! And congratulations! Next month I’ll have been on for a year as well. Isn’t it mind blowing to think about?! :D

          • Missparkles

            YAAAAAAYYYY! glareface You’d better xDDDD. …..releases

            listens to song ….IT’S AWESOME :DDDDDD.

            • Everlasting

              That mizzt! I like… ALL OF THEM! lol it truly feels amazing congratz to you I will soon be writing a story called let’s kill tonigh XD! after Shh which stil has ages to go! Missyou so much hope to see you soon and blush was on just before I left or has she dissapeared again?

              • Jester

                Panic at the disco are a brilliant band xD
                That’s awesome! :D Illtry and read it at some point xD
                She disappeared DX

                • Mary-Dee

                  …I need to listen to this song. It sounds so epic.

                  Ohmygosh, I actually love this. And the lyrics go so well together with it, too~

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