Meeting You

by Rye2411 on 06.21.2011

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The day I’d met Amanda it had been raining.
I sat alone at the bus stop, shivering violently as the rain pelted my skin in icy cold droplets. I watched my pale skin turn blue as my veins started to appear, lacing intricate patterns down my arms and legs.
I was unprepared for the poor weather. The weather report had said it would be sunny, not a single cloud in the sky, and I had believed it, eagerly pulling on my brand new cotton sundress. Biggest mistake ever! I was such a tool.
I wiped my nose on the back of my hand as it began to run. The liquid was coming out viciously. It was quite obvious that I was going to have to clear my schedule for next the week since I was obviously going to get sick from standing out in the rain for so long.
If missing school meant that I got to avoid Prescott Hughes, the snobbiest and most popular girl in the ninth grade, then so be it. I’d take that opportunity, thank you very much.
Shakily I stood up and looked up the street to see if the bus was coming soon. It was now I wished that my younger brother had not broken my iPhone so I could call for a ride home.
I saw something in the distance, something brightly coloured in the wet and grey. Something I’d later learn to know as Amanda.
It took me a couple seconds to realize the walking, talking rainbow was a girl. She had a striped umbrella over her head and a polka-dotted rain coat wrapped around her. Her gumboots, I realized, made funny squishy noises as she walked through every puddle in her way. Her red-velvet hair was pinned up in such an elaborate do even Marie Antoinette would have had to ask where she’d gotten her hair done.
The girl stopped about a foot away from me and smiled, her deep brown eyes boring into mine.
“Hi,” she said still smiling at me.
“Hi,” I said tentatively. I was fairly apprehensive when it came to talking to strangers, regardless of how close to my age they seemed.
“What bad weather we’re having, right?” she continued on.
“Yup.” I nodded and wiped my nose again.
“Tissue?” the girl offered. She came closer and handed me a small packet of Kleenex. I gratefully took one, “Thank you.”
“You must be freezing! How long have you been out here?” the girl asked as she unbuttoned her raincoat single-handedly. She gave me her coat, “Here, you are going to be so sick tomorrow.”
I gave off a small laugh and wrapped the coat around my shoulders, “Yeah, thanks.”
The girl didn’t respond. Instead she moved even closer to me and held the umbrella above both of our heads. With us being a couple inches away from touching one another, I noticed that the other girl was much taller than I was. I was barely five feet and she must have been at least five-six or seven.
We stood in the rain silently with me still shivering under her raincoat and she staring off into the distance. I don’t know how long we stood before she spoke again but it felt like we’d been quiet for years.
“I’m Mandy.” She said, “Mandy B.”
“I’m Skyler.” I said, leaving out my last name. Just because Mandy seemed friendly did not mean she was friendly.
Mandy turned her dark eyes on me and stared deep into my eyes as if she were reaching for my soul, “Skyler? That’s such a pretty name. Your totem must be as aerial as your name. Perhaps even related?”
“What?” My eyes widened in confusion and Mandy ignored me.
“Your totem is a bird of some sort.” Mandy continued on. I was seriously starting to question her sanity now but it wasn’t as if she had any less sanity than my friends did.
“A bird?” I questioned.
“Yes, Skyler Dia, a bird. Your totem is a bird of some sort.” I was so confused by the whole bird thing that I didn’t even realize that Mandy knew my last name although I hadn’t told her what it was.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.
Mandy didn’t respond. Instead she pointed up the street, “Your bus is coming.”
“Oh, thanks.” I smiled and reached into my purse for my Bus Pass. Since Mandy had completely dropped the whole bird thing, I’d decided to do the same.
“Till we meet again?” I heard Mandy ask.
“Till we meet again.” I agreed.
When I looked up from my purse, the bus had arrived…and Mandy had disappeared.
I supposed that we were going to meet again since I still had her coat.

*Everything in this story is completely and utterly fictional.

4 responses

  1. FlightHazard

    Awesome writing! DID you ever see Amanda again?

    • Missparkles

      Awesome! Really good! :D

      • cookiesrock

        this is like a mystery thingy
        this ish=sooooooooo
        i want to read more!!!!!
        u r sooo good
        i think evryone in TAP
        are like so good at wrighting storys
        good job

        • Rye2411

          Thank you for the comments. I may continue this I may not. Right now I’m thinking about writing another person’s experience with Amanda but this will always be mine and the original.

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