by simplyme on 05.09.2010

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I’m not sure why or when i wrote this. Nor what i was meant to be about. But here it is anyway.

Emma Whatsun:
So there she was, flicking through her humungous text book, sitting right next to Maria, who was smiling at her like a child who just received an ice-cream. The gigantic bell rang and then, as quick as a flash, Emma leaped out of her soft padded chair and raced out of the building. Maria charged out to, trying desperately to see where Emma had gone, maybe even follow her!

Emma’s graceful silky hair blended smoothly in with the trees. If you were there, you would be able to tell that she was out of breath by her face. She hid behind a bush, where Emma sat down to rest on the green, lush grass. She looked very hot, as if she was about five inches away from the sun, her face going rosy red, as if it was meant to match her strawberry printed top. Emma then took one last glance behind her and then trotted sadly down the alleyway, as if it was a matter of life or death, something even lurking in the darkness…

Watson’s Shadow:
How could she tell Maria why she stormed away earlier? Emma had already said she had to go to the hospital, needed the toilet and was in a music concert already that week. She was pretty confused why she kept doing it as well until she realised the actually reason, which saddened her. But her time had come; darkness was falling, Emma’s worst time of the day. She remembered the times that she had saved many good at heart, but now, saving the bad was much worse!

How Emma hated the thought of disobeying her only friend but what other option did she have. She crept through the deserted, gloomy school and keeping a low profile, her eyes were filled with tension. She looked down at her badge with the wonderful thistle and bear and stared out of the crystal clear window; thinking of the happier nights.

Then for a few moments later, Emma felt something strange happening. There, right underneath her nose, Emma saw a great disaster. Her badge was now a lion…

2 responses

  1. jessicahuey

    ahh! awesomeness! :) lol

    • JinxTheRipper

      Emma Watson as in the actress? I liked it but you could be more in detail and describe their feelings, and explain their thoughts more.

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