NotAHappiDuck’s goodbye to my family who is anyone on TAP.

by HappiSt.Cloud on 06.26.2012

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Hhhh. Sigh.
Let me tell you my life story before I get to the acolades. On the 16th March 2011, my parents died in a car crash. I was shocked by grief and forgot entirely about The Amanda Project. All I knew how to do was cry. My whole life has been unstable. Before my parents passed away, we moved towns, houses, cities and even countries 36 times. I found a home on TAP during that time. And a home is what it was and is. After my parents died, I had no family. About a year after they passed away, I cleared out my computer’s bookmarks, when I came across TAP again. At that moment I could have pressed the delete button and forgotten my home forever, but there is a reason I didn’t. Fate and love. Clearing out my bookmarks was the best thing I ever did. When I rediscovered TAP I rediscovered a family, and a family is what we are, even when The Amanda Project is over.
The closest of my family are here.

You have been here for eternity, one of TAP’s best members. You are charismatic. You are gentle. You are understanding and kind. You are my sister. I hope you have a great life, one full of joy and love, one that you deserve.

I have ‘known’ you for about a month or 3, but you are my support unit on TAP. You helped me through my times of hardship. You gave me someone to talk to, to vent on, to be friends with. Thanks a lot. Another great member.

Wow, I feel old. Does anyone remember MisSparkles? I do. she was the most devoted TAP member EVER! She gave everyone inspiration and something to talk about. I wish her a great life. God bless you and your awesome writing.

And the rest of my family will be with me forever, wherever, whenever. I really want you all to know how much I love and respect you, even that complete idiot who hated my guts. They have their reasons, hey?

The Amanda Project saved my life.


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4 responses

  1. Faith

    Aw… Blinks away tears That was so sweet. And sad. I would say that I’m sorry about your parents, but I don’t know if you’re one of those people who don’t like the whole “pity” message thing. But I’m not pitying you, even though I am truly sorry about your parents.

    “Eternity?” Wow. XD You’ve actually been on here longer than I have. And I have to say that you were – and STILL are – a wonderful member. I would go on about how great you are, but I’m updating my goodbye to fit in those details later, and I don’t feel like typing it twice.

    Just remember that we all love you as well, no matter what happens. :) Epicly hugs YES, it has to be an EPIC hug.

    • HappiSt.Cloud

      Aaw, thanks Faith. You’re so sweet. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

      • ♥queen♥

        virtual hug xxxxx

        • HappiSt.Cloud

          Aaw, queen, is that you? Why are you NoPower now? Hugs back

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