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by TheRiverFlows on 01.24.2012

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Slash, the knife flew across my face, leaving me with blood racing stripes. I huddled more into the corner. This is all I have ever known for the past couple months. It felt cold. I was lost. Desperation was my life now. I had to let go. This was the end. This could NOT be my life anymore.

I stood, finally revealing my tall, slender form to my attacker.

The audience-once cheering-were now appalled, not by my frame. But by the tattoo that was revealed on my face.

It was a mass of colors, with one single black stripe down the center. The mark…of a warrior. Of a survivor. Only given to fighters.

I unsheathed the normally covered knife strapped to my side, and approached the buff man.

He stumbled back, astounded that I would challenge him.

He quickly recovered, and sprinted towards me.

I thought of a boulder. I thought of it ramming into him.

A mass of rock emerged from the floor. It launched at the man, leaving him rendered unconscious.

There was silence.

Then, an audience member screamed. All {h e l l} broke loose.

I leaped at the balcony that the audience was in, my fangs bared, eyes bright.

I looked at a member of the audience. One who hasn’t moved. He sea green eyes gazed at me. Looked back at him, standing up from my crouched form. I looked at him, really looked at him, and fell into his mind, heart, and soul.

He had been raised in southern Siola, a realm not much known to me. (I was a member of a project called E2S, where members of Siola were sent to Earth.)

I wondered how he had come to be here, in Tormturum, seeing as it was so far from Siola.

He had joined Army for Kids, a group of young warriors, at 10 to raise money for his poor family.

His mother passed away when he was 13.

He was left with 3 sisters, Cecelia, Lindy, and Holly, to feed.

When he was 14, he was bumped up to the real Army of Siola. His sisters now lived with his great Aunt Juno.

Now, at 15, he was on a mission to find a member of E2S who was kidnapped and tortured for 2 months, and needed saving. He had never met this girl, but felt the need to rescue her.

I knew I was this girl.

I snapped back to reality, and noticed that I was in someones arms.

His, I thought. They have to be.

I sighed, feeling strange comfort with this used-to-be stranger.

He chuckled.

I opened my eyes, not focusing on his.

“Well, you didn’t really need rescuing.” He smiled.

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  1. Missparkles


    • TheRiverFlows

      Thank you! I thought you guys needed some backround on Dakota and how they me ;)

      • animeinsane

        HOLY CRAP U ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You put some people to shame gosh you need to be published some where! :D

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