She found love…in him!!

by frozenfire on 09.11.2011

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She loved to make most out of her every second of her life. She wanted to grab every opportunities and prove herself capable in every field. she wanted to show that she was not just one of those girls. she didn’t want to be forgotten in due time, she wanted to create a long lasting impression, be it funny, be it stupid, but it had to be long lasting. in that hectic life of hers, she fell and bounced back in love many times. hoping that the next love would be better than earlier. Then after a lot of change of priorities and likes, she fell hard for a guy. She had never even imagined that they would click this much in such an amazing way. she was ambitious and she had plans and she predicted her life all the time. But this time, all her predictions and what i want had failed because the guy she liked was someone she had never thought would become the one for her. She was wild, he was mild. She was a talker, a mess, loud, open and she was always visible. on the other hand, he was silent, kept to himself and wanted to remain invisible. She was a crowd person, he was the corner person. In not so obvious way, they met in a junction and the most thought of four letter world blossomed-love! He became totally hers as she became his. He was all she wanted to do, all she wanted to think of and all that ever mattered. Her priorities used to be herself, she was selfish, and thought of how she could climb up and overtake her rivals in the race. She was into competition and she didn’t like to ever let go of it. But once he entered, she left it aside, she withdrew from the race and joined the walk. she thought not only of herself but him and people around her for the first time in her life. She found out how much pleasurable it is at corners seeing other people go loud. She found joy at things she never understood. She began staring at the mirror and reflecting instead of critical analyzing. she found her unexplored sides which was new to her and new to people around. She loves him now, she has decided to love him till he matters and reciprocals the same feeling. She couldn’t believe how her life had totally changed once he entered in her life. She cared, she missed and she felt the emotions that just thought could bring. She no more valued the physical touches that were involved, cause now she knew how strong sensation words whispered, letter sent, text messages, facial expression could harbor in her system. Sometimes, she wonders if this strange change is good or is dragging her from being herself. But she is herself, she is just showing the sides she had chosen to hide. She knows that a touch to any opposite is just the same, but its the feelings that matters. Love is not kisses, hugs or any material. Love is purely a sensation that can melt you just by the thought of it and not the physical sensation. When sitting in a corner talking almost nothing brings more joy than hugging and kissing and feeling each other, she figured out it was love. When listening to his rare speeches and critics made her go weak in the knees and not his flatters, she knew it was love. When seeing him online and typing made her feel more than butterflies, it was LOVE. When text saying good night meant more than I love you,she knew he loved her and she did the same. When she felt nice spending her own money for him,she knew he meant more than anyone had ever had in her 17 years of life. She knows that this is not an obsession or any infatuation. This is real and will remain as alive as it is now at this moment when her heart flutters. But she knows that merely this wont take her life ahead. She has to take this and her carrier, self aspirations hand in hand. she should never hold any of it very tighter just to lose it. She knows that this guy is the only one whose absence will make her totally incomplete. he completes her in a way that makes her realize how opposites attract. She loves him, his unusual ways, his opposite nature and how in this wide big world he is the one who has occupied her mind and soul. She knows she is unstable, and time to time experiences a tornado of thoughts which creates a dis balance in her perfectly arranged thoughts. And she knows that only he has that patience to handle her. But the fact that she and him have to face a distance in their relationship makes it hard for her to adjust it. With a lot of other male trying to tag along and change the patter of life which she wishes to follow, makes her want to leave the only boy she loved maturely and turn into a single person unbothered about love or anyone. But the thought that how hurt he will become and how broken and ill she will be, she cant let him go. She doesn’t want to be possessive or judgmental, because she is in LOVE with the shinigami and she wants it to go on and on so whatever. She knows forever is a longer time than ever and its worthless to wish for something impossible. Cause time changes and so does priorities. That’s why, she wants to stay wrapped up in this cocoon of love for him so whatever!

4 responses

  1. Mary-Dee

    Awwwww….. :). This ish so amazing! :). (Shinigami? :O.)

    • Missparkles

      Awww, love this :).

      • frozenfire

        Shinigami…google it??? have i mentioned the word someewhere??

        • Mary-Dee

          Dun’t think so xD. But there’re Shinigami in Kuroshitsuji and Bleach, so that’s why that caught mah attention xD.

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