Sowwy, I feel kind of Wierd…

by JulietCapulet on 06.19.2011

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anyway. I am going to a Theatre camp for two weeks. It is a day camp where I go for about seven hours, but I will not be on that much. Please please send me messages about your story parts. I do not want to miss the following stories.
Not So Cinderella Story
League of Gentlewomen
Our Summer
……basically if I read your story give me a message if you write any parts and I havent commented yet. I will be checking every now and then, but yeah I will be a bit busy :) I am really excited though
I went last year and the people are so so awesome. Anyway yeah, I guess I am boring you all. Bye you guys, I have to go now wish me luck :)

4 responses

  1. KylarMorgan

    Haha.  Have fun Juliet!  It sounds like a blast you can have a blast there.  Did you want to hear about my story parts? (I probably sound a bit pathetic right now.) Either way, love you and have fun for me!

    • JulietCapulet

      yeess!!! please do! I read chapter 2 already though

      • KylarMorgan

        Okay.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m glad you kept up with it so far.  I’ll leave you comments whenever I post anything new.  ;)

        • Everlasting

          ok actually I was wondering what you wanted your pet to be called in chances, btw you might not come in till part 18 cause there are a lot of characters and I want to meet half out half at the sleepover.

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